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        Vintage Cosmetics & Beauty Accessories


        If you’re anything like us, then the thought of pampering yourself with vintage bathing caps, retro makeup, and spa-inspired towel wraps makes your vintage-loving heart do a little dance of joy. Shop Unique Vintage’s collection of retro beauty accessories to find everything you need to create that perfect pin up look.
        For retro ladies who have a flair for all things girly and want to get ready for a night out in style, a flower bathing cap looks oh-so-divine while washing away all your worries and keeps your pin curls perfectly coiffed. Retro bathing caps from unique Vintage let you soak in style with top quality attention to detail and charming embellishments like floral appliques and playful prints. Dry off with an oversized beach towel. These darlings aren’t just for poolside lounging and soaking up the sun, they’re perfect for after a luxurious bubble bath. Crafted from the softest cotton and with the prettiest of prints, these towels are a bathroom and poolside essential.

        Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique gift for a favorite friend or just want to treat yourself, Unique Vintage has large collection of beauty accessories starting under $10! Grab something for your friend and a few things for yourself because these beauties won’t last long!