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        Women's Vintage Belts


        A curvy, hourglass silhouette is essential for your retro look, and there’s no better way to maintain that trim waist than with a great belt. Whether you wear it with a dress or a pair of high waisted jeans, Unique Vintage offers a wide selection of belts that perfectly coordinate with any outfit. All of these accessories are inspired by your favorite vintage styles, and they’re priced so low that they’ll tighten your budget at the same time as your waistline.
        Belts pop up in unexpected places in many 1940s and 1950s styles, such as around the waist with a feminine blouse. Try this fun and unique style with a wider belt from Unique Vintage, like our colorful cinch belts. These decorative belts may not hold up a pair of paints, but they sure look chic and stylish when cinched around your natural waist overtop of a polka dot shirt. Our 1950s style cinch belts also come in white, black and even red to help you create the bold look that you desire.

        For a thinner, subtler look, Unique Vintage also carries slim belts that are perfect to tuck in the waistband on an A-line dress or to slip through the belt loops of your favorite high waisted shorts. These skinny belts come in a wide variety of styles, from the simplest to the most decorative. Bow belts with delicate bow decals at the front look sweet and perfectly put together, while leather skinny belts in basic shades of navy, red and tan are easy to mix and match with any outfit.

        If you’re looking for a great belt accessory to take from outfit to outfit, Unique Vintage has you covered. Keeping your closet stocked with both wide and skinny belts will help you to stay prepared for any occasion, and it always pays to have one in every color, darling!