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        Vintage Style Hair Scarves

        Hair Scarves

        Perfecting the perfect pin up look is as simple as finding a fabulous 50s hair scarf. Add statement to those pin curls dolls with Unique Vintage’s collection of vintage hair scarves. Our scarves for hair will set you apart from the crowd with a multitude of colors, styles, and fabric choices. These flawless frills effortlessly pair with any ensemble and with prices starting under $10 you’ll want to grab one for every day of the week.
        Pin ups go together with a 50s style hair scarf like peanut butter goes with jelly, and Unique Vintage carries hair scarf styles that offer a modern take on classic retro fashion. For a Rosie the Riveter inspired look, simply fold your polka dotted scarf corner to corner and wrap underneath your head and tie in a bow. Finish by tucking the point underneath the bow, and voila! Your hair is out of your face and you’re looking very 40s fab!

        Simple, chic, and irresistible, vintage hair scarves from Unique Vintage will keep you looking fab even on days when you don’t have you’re usual flawless hair. Strap on your heels and grab you purses ladies because these darling accessories won’t last long!