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        Vintage Inspired Bracelets


        You’ve found a stunning vintage-inspired dress, a gorgeous matching hair flower, and the perfect pop of red for your pin up pout, the only thing left to tie your retro look together is a fabulous bracelet! Unique Vintage has assembled a show stopping collection of bangles and bracelets, from dainty bow bracelets that to edgy cross bracelets, its the perfect mix of retro charm and modern appeal. Plus, with prices as low as $6 there’s a fabulous frill for every bombshell on a budget.
        For those days when you’re on the go and need effortless finishing touches, choose a classic gold cuff bracelet and pair with your favorite hair scarf to create a flawless vintage look. An infinity bracelet looks divine when styled with a high-waist skirt and a 1950s inspired peplum top. With a variety of gold, silver, and enameled styles, Unique Vintage carries bangles and bracelets to pull together any look from formal to causal.

        With a stunning assortment of styles and retro embellishments and prices starting as low as $6, there’s a fabulous find waiting for every vintage loving vixen. Click your heels on over to our accessories section for some flawless finishing touches!