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        1950s Petticoats & Crinolines


        You found the perfect swing dress, sky high heels, and retro kiss lock purse but your darling ensemble is lacking some vintage va-va-voom. What’s a girl to do? Put the swing back in your style with a voluminous petticoat by Unique Vintage. With a wide variety of styles and a rainbow of colors, our women’s vintage slips and petticoats are everything your retro-loving heart could want.
        Whether you have a knee length fit n’ flare or a tea length swing dress, UV’s crinoline slips are sure to flatter with playful layers of tulle and pretty pops of color. Each of the petticoat dresses are available with an adjustable elasticized waist to accommodate gorgeous gals of all body types and sizes. Crafted from only the highest of quality materials, our petticoats are for sale at prices that can’t be found anywhere else, so you’ll want to grab one in every hue!

        A fabulous vintage dress without a crinoline slip is like a pin up without a hair flower. When you shop Unique Vintage’s petticoats, your retro-glam wardrobe will be as stunning as you!