January 19, 2016

How To Incorporate A Winter Coat Into Your Look


coat 1

After the holidays, when January rolls around, there’s a tendency to immediately start thinking about spring and warm sunny weather. While retailers are clearing out their cozy winter essentials in favor for more breezy options, for most of us the cold is here to stay, for a while at least. So we decided to ask the oh-so-stylish Steffy of Steffy’s Pros and Cons to show us how to incorporate cozy fleeces and and winter coats with just about everything in our wardrobe. Scroll down for more.
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January 16, 2016

Steal The Style: The 1940s Glamour of Agent Carter


Agent carter fashion

After almost a year long hiatus, we’re so excited that Agent Carter season 2 is debuting in just one week. One of our favorite tv shows, not only is it exciting and action-packed but it’s also an endless source of vintage fashion inspiration. Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer Giovanna “Gigi” Ottobre-Melton created a stunning wardrobe for Peggy, ranging from smart business attire to elegant evening gowns. Since we don’t all have our very own Gigi, Unique Vintage’s Lead Stylist, Ashley Roberts has created this ultimate guide to mastering the beautiful looks of the 1940s era.
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January 14, 2016

Triple Milkmaid Braids Tutorial With Rebecca Of A Clothes Horse


milkmaid braids hair tutorial

One of my favorite “basic” hairstyles to do is a milkmaid braid. It’s simple, keeps my hair out of my face, and tends to compliment my vintage-y outfits. Since I wear this hairstyle a lot I’m always looking at ways to make it a little fresh. Sometimes I’ll add some decorative hair clips, other times I’ll switch the basic braids for rope braids. Lately another way I’ve been playing with this look is to switch from my usual double braid for a triple braid. Simple, but a small change that keeps it fresh.
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January 11, 2016

How To Shop At Vintage Clothing Fairs With Style Society Blogger Nora Of Nora Finds


how to shop for authentic vintage

For serious vintage fashion enthusiasts, shopping for authentic vintage clothing can be one of the most thrilling and enjoyable experiences. There are few things as satisfying as uncovering a one-of-a-kind retro piece from another decade. However, learning how to shop for vintage clothing can be a little overwhelming. Today on the blog, Style Society blogger Nora of Nora Finds is sharing a few expert tips on how to shop for vintage clothing and how to get the most out of your experience. Read on for more.
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January 2, 2016

One UV Darling’s New Year’s Resolutions With Melissa Of Specs & The City


new year's resolutions

It’s the first week of a brand new year and there’s no better time to make a fresh start and dive head first into our New Year’s resolutions. This year, we’re focusing on bettering ourselves and making our 2016 even better than 2015. For some helpful inspiration, beyond the ubiquitous more gym time resolution, Melissa of Specs and the City is sharing her resolutions for the upcoming year. Read on for more.
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January 1, 2016

Meet The Latest Unique Vintage Style Society



Happy New Year to all of our UV Darlings! We’re so happy to introduce you to our very first Style Society of 2016. We’re absolutely smitten with these talented and very stylish ladies. From amazing retro fashion inspiration to beauty tutorials and earnest body positive messages, each of these ladies truly embodies the meaning of #iamunique. Read on and say “hello” to the latest Style Society.
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