April 17, 2012

Tripping Down Memory Lane




With prom season in full swing, we thought it would be fun to pull out some of our old prom pictures! (Note: these dresses-while gorgeous-are not available on our site!)

Look at Katie…so ahead of her time. Here is she is rocking a high low frock!

See the little boy in the bottom right corner (Katie’s nephew, Taylor)…

Here’s that little boy all’s grown up!

Rebecca is positively red-carpet ready here in her fiery gown.

Kimi and Meagan must have gone to the same hair dresser.

Kimi again, ready to dance the night away, Skecher-style!

April 16, 2012

Purple Reign


(no prom look is complete without tan lines)

The year was 1991. The color in mind was purple. Bright electric purple with sequins, a sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and a twirling satin skirt that landed at the knee. The dyed pumps to match were a no-brainer. The fact that I didn’t have a date lined up did not deter me from designing my own dream prom dress in my head several months before the big event even approached the horizon. I knew that anyone who was going to make any kind of statement at prom was not going to be buying her dress at the Broadway or Contempo. Hells no. If you wanted a drop-dead belle of the ball confection, you were going to employee the help of the local seamstress, Carmella. She’d cornered the couture prom dress business for Granada Hills High School for years, and having my 17-year-old finger on the pulse, I knew my creation was going to be made right by Mrs. Carmella.

My zest for fashion has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. In Kindergarten, there was the time I ripped off the bow on the neckline of a hideous starchy dress my mother made me wear to school. I ran into class hysterically crying because, of course, I hated what I was wearing. After all, I didn’t pick it out! When I was 9, I spent a summer vacation at my dad’s office sketching designs for my make believe clothing line “Arje” (fancy for R. J., my initials). I still have a penciled drawing of a v-neck dress with a trumpet skirt somewhere in an old scrapbook.

Carmella made the whole design process pretty simple, and being a gal who’s always known what she wants, I quickly handed over my sketch and picked out the fabrics I envisioned for my gown. While having your dress designed my Carmella was a tad pricier than your average mall fare, my mother agreed to splurge on this special purchase since I would, after all, be wearing it to my brother’s Bar Mitzvah just a month later.

After a handful of fittings, my dreamy creation came into reality and I was in purple heaven. A date even surfaced which turned into a “boyfriend” who then took me to his prom a month later. Woo wee! Another dress to shop for! I was ecstatic (more about that dress later this week).

The evening at the Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles was fantastic and I can honestly say no one had a delicious purple number like mine. Despite the trail of purple sequins that followed me from the limo to the dance floor, I loved my prom dress mostly for what it symbolized; it was vibrant, shiny and well, one-of-a-kind…kind of how I like to think of myself!

xo, Robin

April 4, 2012

Your Mini-Me’s Easter Style


For kids, Easter is all about egg hunts, arts & crafts and eating too much candy; not having to spend the day in a stiff and itchy scratchy Easter outfit. Keep ‘em cute and comfy in some of these adorable retro fashions and accessories!

Unique Vintage Children's 1950's Reproduction Tangerine Tulip Floral Print Sweetie Dress

Children's Flirty Yellow Cotton Halter 50's Style Swing Dress

Unique Vintage Children's 1950's Reproduction Ivory & Rose Pleated Swing Dress

Light Pink Cardigan With Swallows

Tebow Long Sleeve Mock Tie T-Shirt

Landon Long Sleeve Mock Tie T-Shirt

Blue & Black Plaid Anchor Button Up Shirt

Red Pierce Fedora

Light Purple Silk Flower Hair Clip

Pink & Black Polka Dot Anchor Barrette Set

March 30, 2012

Bag it Up!


With all the flowers in bloom and the birds chirping outside your window, there’s no denying it…spring is officially here! There’s also no denying that if you haven’t ditched that tired ol’ winter purse you’ve been lugging around for the last several months for a brand new fresh, springtime bag, it’s time to get to it! What are you waiting for? Check out these adorable clutches, shoulder bags and totes in a rainbow of pop-worthy colors…just waiting to be stuffed with your belongings!