April 4, 2012

Your Mini-Me’s Easter Style


For kids, Easter is all about egg hunts, arts & crafts and eating too much candy; not having to spend the day in a stiff and itchy scratchy Easter outfit. Keep ‘em cute and comfy in some of these adorable retro fashions and accessories!

Unique Vintage Children's 1950's Reproduction Tangerine Tulip Floral Print Sweetie Dress

Children's Flirty Yellow Cotton Halter 50's Style Swing Dress

Unique Vintage Children's 1950's Reproduction Ivory & Rose Pleated Swing Dress

Light Pink Cardigan With Swallows

Tebow Long Sleeve Mock Tie T-Shirt

Landon Long Sleeve Mock Tie T-Shirt

Blue & Black Plaid Anchor Button Up Shirt

Red Pierce Fedora

Light Purple Silk Flower Hair Clip

Pink & Black Polka Dot Anchor Barrette Set

March 28, 2012

Fit To Be Tied

Scarves are the perfect accessory. They can spruce up everything from a white tee to a plain black dress. They can add some color to your face and keep your decolletage snuggly and warm. Tie, loop or knot one on today and just wait for the compliments to pour in.
Fuchsia 50′s Style Retro Neck & Hair Scarf

Ivory & Blue Large Sheer Polka Dot Scarf

Olive Fly Straight Into My Heart Butterfly Scarf

Blue Large Woven Plaid Scarf

Multi Colored Checkered Scarf


March 23, 2012

Hunger Games-Inspired Fashions


It’s opening weekend of The Hunger Games! As if you didn’t already know. To commemorate the games, we looked to the courage and killer instincts of Katniss Everdeen and the comedic propriety of Effie Trinket as we crafted this Hunger Games-Inspired Fashion Board on PINTEREST. Enjoy and let the games begin!

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March 21, 2012

“MAD MEN” Inspired Fashions


Whether you’re a Betty, Joan or Peggy, 

Unique Vintage has your ”Mad Men” Style!

AMC’s Golden-Globe winning show “Mad Men” is debuting its fifth season this Sunday, March 25th, so there’s no better time to get your “Mad Men” style in gear. From ladylike Marilyn Monroe necklines to form-fitting wiggle dresses, we have everything you need to channel your show’s favorite character. Attending a “Mad Men” party this weekend? There’s still time to shop…do it now!

March 1, 2012

Are You Guilty of This Addiction?


It’s as second nature as brushing my teeth. Wherever I go–whether it’s to the supermarket, out to lunch with friends or picking my kids up from school–I always make sure I have some sort of makeup on. A swipe of gloss, concealer to hide my dark circles, mascara to make my eyes look more open. My name is Robin and I’m a makeup-aholic. I’ve been addicted to the stuff ever since watching my mom get ready for work when I was in the single digits. I used to sneak black liner and frosty pink lip gloss with me to the skating rink on Friday nights before I was even allowed to wear it in public. Once I was given the parental ok, I never looked back. In the beginning, it was all about how much I could pile on. The more, the better! Thick, bright blue stripes along my eyelids, cherry pink blush and lots of foundation. Like I had anything to facially hide at 13, but at the time, it was all about excess. And apparently, I was color blind to that orange ring that formed around my jawline.

As the years went on, makeup was just part of me. Kind of like how my iPhone is part of me today. I feel naked without it.

So last week when I went to a new dermatologist for the first time, I was shocked and totally at a loss for words when the first thing out of this strange woman’s mouth was, “Do you like the way you look in your makeup?” Not “What brought you here today?” or “Sorry I made you wait for 20 minutes before being seen.”

Um, excuse me? Obviously self conscious now, I put my hands to my face and asked her what she meant. She asked if she could remove my makeup to see my skin better. I had plans to meet my husband for lunch right after this (it happened to be Valentine’s Day), but reluctantly, I gave her the ok. Why was I so insecure about having my makeup taken off? It was crazy.

Once she swiped off my foundation and blush, she stood back and said, “Now, that’s better. You have beautiful skin and you shouldn’t hide it. You look much younger without it. Your friends won’t tell you this, but I will.”

What it came down to was that I felt my skin tone was uneven and that by covering it up, I was evening it out. The result, however, was emphasizing my fine lines. She told me that, too.

The reason I felt inclined to write this blog is because just after this happened, I read about a recent study that polled American women and their makeup habits. Nearly half of all American women feel less attractive when they’re not wearing makeup. This, according to a Harris poll conducted on behalf of the Renfrew Center Foundation, an American non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders.

Read more about this study here….

Ever since my appointment with this dermatologist, you bet I’ve been keeping my makeup to a minimum. However, I can’t get myself to go cold turkey. When I asked my husband if he could tell the difference? Of course not. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother at all!!!


February 24, 2012

Channel Your Inner French Artist


Unless you live in a hole, you know that the 2012 Oscars is this weekend. And one of the most talked about films nominated for Best Picture is ironically, the one with the least amount of verbage…the French silent film The Artist starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo. Maybe it’s just because I love all things French (or secretly wish I was one of those chic and sanguine filles who could rock an Amelie haircut), but it’s inspired me to put together a collection of fun and whimsical French finds from UV.

A Bientot! xo, Robin

50s Style French Eiffel Tower Print Swing Dress


Parisian Striped Top With Patent Leather Belt, ooh la la!


Tie on a Polka Dot Sheer Scarf

Paris Scene Shower Curtain

Eiffel Tower Pendant Necklace



Cafe Paris Suitcase

Yum! French Toast!


Paris Scene Umbrella

Paris Scene Umbrella