July 14, 2011

Channel Your Inner Grace Kelly Pin Up!

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Grace Kelly was a woman with style, grace, and class. She always appeared dignified and elegant in whatever she wore. To emulate this bombshell’s style, think simple, monochromatic and elegant. Below you will see some of my favorite “Grace Kelly style finds” as well as helpful tips to achieve her refined feminine look.  Enjoy!

Grace Kelly’s skin tone was smooth and fair, and her makeup color palette consisted of warm peaches and coral tones. To emulate Grace Kelly’s refined and feminine makeup, follow these steps I have listed below:

1. Moisturize Use a lightweight moisturizer about 5 minutes before you apply your base, allowing it to absorb into the skin better. Then use a makeup base primer to smooth out flaws and to keep makeup looking fresh. Recommended: Murad Perfecting Serum

2. Apply a makeup base in the warmest tone suitable for your skin. My favorite film quality foundations are Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundations, and Makeup Forever HD High Definition Foundations. Mixing with an Evian spray, apply a small dime sized amount all over your face with foundation brush or sponge. (The Evian spray will thin out the silicone based foundations making them very easy to spread and very natural looking.)

3. Translucent powder is a must to set your foundation! Using a powder puff, press the loose translucent powder firmly into your skin. (Just dusting it over your face with a powder brush, will not set the makeup. You must actually press it into the skin, and then you can sweep off any excess with a powder brush.) Recommended: Makeup Forever HD Translucent Powder

4. Eyebrows Use a light brown or taupe eyebrow pencil, making small-feathered strokes. Blend in with eyebrow brush. Continue line past arch to elongate brow. 
Recommended: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil

5. Eyeshadow Grace Kelly’s eyeshadow was very simple and clean. Apply some light brown, taupe, or auburn shadow to the crease of your eyelid, and blend to the outer area below brow. Then add a peachy nude shadow over the entire lid, and a lighter nude under the brow bone. You may also want to softly blend the peachy nude shadow over the darker shade of shadow in the crease for an all over softer look. Recommended: Mac Jest (lid), Mac Dazzlelight (under brow), and Mac Soft Brown (in the crease blending outward)

6. Eyeliner You will want to use a cream/gel liner with an ultra fine angled brush. Draw a very narrow line going from the top inner corner of your lid at lash line and gently go outward to the end of the lid.  The Bobbi Brown gel liners are my favorite because they are completely smudge proof and long lasting! Recommended: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Chocolate Shimmer

7. Mascara Apply a coat or two of black mascara to the lashes (both real and false). Make sure to apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes! Recommended: Dior Show Black Mascara

8. False Eyelashes Always black. My favorites are Ardel’s Demi Wispies, and 747 Mediums. They both have a natural outward flair.  Perfect for any 1950’s look, and natural looking!

19. Blush Grace Kelly loved coral and peach tones. Using a large angled blush brush gently sweep the blush on the cheekbones in an upward motion. Then using a lighter peach tone, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks!  Recommended: Mac Peach Twist, and Mac Sunbasque (a warmer bronzy tone)

10. Lips. First, apply a warmer peach or darker coral colored lip liner, lining your entire lip top and bottom. (The lip liner shade should be only 1 shade darker than your lip color.) Then with the lip liner, gently brush the liner pencil over the entire lip (top and bottom), coloring in as much as you can. After that, gently brush translucent powder over your lips, setting the color. You will then proceed with your lipstick color. Remember, Grace Kelly preferred peach tones and corals. These shades however are not favorable for all skin tones, so you may want to choose softer, subtle peach or coral tone. (I will recommend specific natural colors below.) Using a lip brush, brush the outer edges of your lips toward the center of your mouth with a warm peach lip color. For a modern finishing touch adding a bit of shine, lightly apply a natural colored gloss.  Recommended: Mac Lip liner Subculture, Makeup Forever Lipstick Guava (very natural sheer coral shade), Mac Lipstick Costa Chic (light coral frost), Chanel Glossimer Coral Love, and…if you can find it…Estee Lauder Limited Edition Princess Grace Coral (inspired by her favorite shade of lipstick worn on her wedding day!)

For elegant Grace Kelly hair, make sure and wash your hair a day before doing this style. You will achieve more hold and better volume if your hair has some natural oils in it. You will also have the best results with this hairstyle if your hair is around shoulder length.

Start by using a thermal protection styling spray that you can use with your hot rollers. Section off your hair (small sections), create a side part, and then spray each section of hair. Then, roll the hair on the top of your head in an upward motion with the rollers. The sections of hair on each side of your head should be curled and secured in a downward motion. Secure everything for half an hour (tedious, yes, but worth the results). Using a volumizing hairspray, spritz your entire head. Then gently brush out your curls using a boar bristle brush. Make sure your hair is parted on the side. Brush out each section, following the natural direction of the curl. Finally, using a small teasing brush or comb, take small sections of hair on the crown of your head and gently tease the root (aprox. 1 inch at the root) of each section. Gently brush out in a backward motion away from your face, and spray again with your volumizing hairspray. You can also put the side of hair that the part is on curled behind your ear, held with a few bobby pins. For a finishing touch, to get rid of any unwanted frizz and add glamorous shine, spray a small amount of Moroccan oil to only the ends of your curls. Recommended: Kenra Thermal Protection Spray, CHI Magnified Volume hairspray, Moroccan Oil glimmer shine spray, bobby pins, medium rollers, large boar bristle brush, and small teasing brush

Here are some of today’s leading ladies channeling Grace Kelly’s elegant hair and makeup style!

Remember, confidence and femininity is the key to achieving any modern pinup look. So, go ahead and grab those vintage style gloves, chic little purse, and that classic set of pearls. You are now the epitome of 1950’s elegance and class just like Grace Kelly!

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