March 13, 2012



I bought a denim shirt last week, thinking it was perhaps a piece missing from my “twenty- something costume.”  It fits like a glove and is perhaps an homage to Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain.  Forty dollars later, all I could think about was how happy I was with my purchase.  I didn’t know how to quit this shirt.   It was like going on an amazing blind date.

But then I got to thinking about consumption in times of economic hardship.  Fashion is a consumers industry, no matter how you look at it.  Consumerism being the backbone of America, I decided to take a look at what people were consuming in their ravenous fits of fashion depravity.

Did you know Kanye West designs clothes?  When he is not busy being a grade-A rapper (grade-D human being) he designs clothes for what he describes the “modern woman.”  Did you know a pair of his shoes cost a simple 6K?  The modern American woman has a foreclosed house somewhere and a pair of Kanye Heels.

Did you know about that Alligator backpack the Olsen Twins created for their luxury line of handbags?  The starting cost is at about 39K, and sold out instantly.  Did you get one? You would think I was on the waiting list, but I plan on just busting out my old Jansport instead.

The point is, in times of a certain economic standing, are people really still willing to shell out a down-payment on a car for a handbag?  Is a pair of shoes worth a whole year rent?  And once you have bought these items, do you feel any different?

I am currently wearing my denim shirt.  And perhaps Kanye West didn’t design it, and it wouldn’t get me into Paris Fashion Week.  But it’s getting me into the Western Bar I frequent on Wednesdays, and its not forcing me into a sudden career of pole dancing.    There is a difference between being cheap and being realistic.  Fashion should be like a first date: you should only go as far as you want to.

  -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

March 12, 2012

Desiree’s “Unique” Customer Story

It probably isn’t that unique as there would be a lot of people who obviously buy your dresses, but I purchased four Unique Vintage “flirtys” for my bridesmaids to wear for my wedding. The day was fun and colourful and the girls really enjoyed being able to swing their dresses around.
I do have to admit that we did dye one dress though as I wanted all pastel colours and my friend made my wedding dress.
I think that maybe I am slightly biased, but I don’t think that the wedding day could have been anymore perfect.  Aside from the weather being sweltering at the beginning and one of the bridesmaids nearly passing out.
Other than that everything ran smoothly and everything came together and made the day what it was…brilliant!
Desiree Larner
Read more about Des and Ben’s wedding here:
March 9, 2012



It seems everyone is rockin’ a peplum these days…including Kate Middleton. Here, the Duchess of Cambridge is making the rounds in a jade colored suit, which she cinched at the waist creating a striking silhouette.

Want to look like a pretty pretty princess too? We just happened to have a VERY similar look! Check it out:

Stop Staring 3/4 Sleeve Army Green Cadete Wiggle Dress

March 8, 2012

A Mad Men Teaser


Maybe part of what kept us coming back to the 1960’s of “Mad Men” week after week was the mystique of the characters presented to us.  And perhaps, these characters reflect parts of our modern sensibilities as present-day individuals.

This week, AMC released a poster for the highly anticipated new season of “Mad Men”.  In it, our protagonist Don Draper looks inwardly into a store window display; both a commentary on his inward perspective as well as his obvious work in advertising.  The scene?  A Hugh Hefner-like mannequin sitting patiently in front of a freshly disrobed female mannequin.  Could it be our Don Draper is reflecting on his recent decision to take a new wife?  Or is his philandering past making a visit after a seemingly tame ending to last season?  A naked women standing in front of Don Draper? Sounds about right.

To be honest, the show is rooted in its ability to show the worst parts of human nature.  From rampant adultery to alcoholism, the show prides itself on giving us a perspective of an era some of us did not have the pleasure of living through. And unlike some of the other “stylized” versions of the 1960’s we have come to know, “Mad Men” has pulled back the curtain on fallacies such as the American Dream, the youth movement of the late 60’s and the eventual lead up to the civil rights movement.

Advertising never seemed so appropriate.

“Mad Men” returns March 25th.

 -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

February 27, 2012

Malerie’s “Unique” Customer Story!


Hello! My name is Malerie and I shop at Unique Vintage in Burbank ALL of the time! One time, I was in there browsing around and noticed you recently started carrying boys’ clothing! I have a 3-year-old son named James and we were super excited! I bought him the blue and black button up shirt with the white anchors on it along with a black and white newsie’s hat.

He wore it to Knott’s Berry Farm for the 4th of July and we sent pictures to my husband, Jason, who was on deployment at that time. He really enjoyed the pictures of us! In the pic, I wore a sailor top that I also got from Unique Vintage for the 4th of July.

My son, James, also wore that very same shirt when my husband returned home from deployment. In another attached photo you can see him wearing it and holding his bear named, Jay Jay, after daddy and who is dressed in sailor whites like daddy.