February 24, 2012

Channel Your Inner French Artist


Unless you live in a hole, you know that the 2012 Oscars is this weekend. And one of the most talked about films nominated for Best Picture is ironically, the one with the least amount of verbage…the French silent film The Artist starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo. Maybe it’s just because I love all things French (or secretly wish I was one of those chic and sanguine filles who could rock an Amelie haircut), but it’s inspired me to put together a collection of fun and whimsical French finds from UV.

A Bientot! xo, Robin

50s Style French Eiffel Tower Print Swing Dress


Parisian Striped Top With Patent Leather Belt, ooh la la!


Tie on a Polka Dot Sheer Scarf

Paris Scene Shower Curtain

Eiffel Tower Pendant Necklace



Cafe Paris Suitcase

Yum! French Toast!


Paris Scene Umbrella

Paris Scene Umbrella



February 22, 2012

London Fashion Week Trends!


At Unique Vintage, we love us a good high brow fashion show just like the rest of you fashionistas. This week, in jolly ol’ England, London Fall Fashion Week 2012 is in full effect. While we didn’t skip over the pond to witness it first hand (we’re still shaking off our MAGIC hangovers from last week), we wanted to share this photo montage with you, thanks to our friends at FabSugar. I also included some Get the London Fashion Week Looks from UV as well! Enjoy! xo, Robin


Lace Appliques from UV

SALE!! Unique Vintage - 1930's Style Stop Staring Black Lace Frock Dress - S to 3X1940's Style STOP STARING Blue & Black Lace Starlight Swing Dress - S-3X1950's Style Heartbreaker Black Satin & Lace Antoinette Dress - XS-3X



Military Modes from UV

Black Military Style Dress with Jacket - S-XLOlive Green Stella Wiggle Dress With Peplum - S-2XBlack Military Style 3/4 Sleeved Button Down Dress - S-XL


Pink Lady Looks from UV
Pink & Black Anchor Button Up Cardigan - S - 2X1940's Style Stop Staring Pink MAD MEN Wiggle Dress - S-3X Black & Pink Cupcake Skull Cheeky Dress - S-XL



Bold Prints from UV

Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter**50s Style Lilac Print Scarlet Pin-Up Wiggle Dress - XS-2X Unique Vintage - Red Polka Dot Flirty Cotton Mini Swing Dress - XS - 3XYOU PICKED IT!! Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter**Fifi Cherry Blossom Swing Dress - XS-1X

FIT-AND-FLARE SKIRTSFit-and-Flare Skirts

 FIT-AND-FLARE Skirts from UV



February 20, 2012

President’s Day Pin Up Style!


Happy President’s Day!

Each year on the third Monday in February, Americans honor the legacies of the U.S. presidents. The holiday was created back in 1800 when Congress decided that February 22nd (George Washington’s birthday) was a federal holiday. Since then, President’s Day has morphed into a national holiday to honor the lives and accomplishments of all our presidents over the years.

To commemorate this patriotic day, I pulled some of our latest  red, white and blue looks from Unique Vintage. Hope you like them…and God Bless America!!!!

xo, Robin

White Cotton Gilligan's Eyelets Swing Dress - S-XLNavy Ruffle Sailor Tankini Swimsuit - S-1XWhite Knit Anchor Cardigan - S-XL2012 Prom Dresses! Navy Satin Beaded Strapless Empire Waist Gathered Short Prom Dress - XS - 2XVintage Inspired Swimsuit 50's Style Navy Blue One-Piece - 6-162012 Prom Dresses! Red Beaded Tulle & Satin Strapless Empire Waist Short Prom Dress - XS - 2XOff White Shimmer Tulle Sequin Butterfly Short Prom Dress - 4 - 142012 Prom Dresses! Turquoise One Shoudler Shimmer Cocktail Dress - XS-2X2012 Prom Dresses! White & Silver Strapless Sequin Tulle Tutu Cocktail Dress - 4-182012 Prom Dresses! Red & Blue Strapless Sequin Tulle Tutu Cocktail Dress - 4-18Red & Black High Ho Sailor Lola Bikini Swimsuit - XS-XLRed & White Striped Patriotic Stella One Piece Swimsuit - S-XLJANTZEN Red & White Polka Dot Skirted Ruffle Swimsuit - 6-16Red Clear Operator Round SunglassesChambray Crochet Neckline Day Dress/Swimsuit Cover-Up - S-LNavy & Red Two-Piece Bow Frannie Swimsuit - XS-XLNavy Knit Anchor Cardigan - S-XLWhite Full Swing Sailor Dress With Red Trim - S-XLRetro Inspired Cat-Eye Glasses With Clear FramesMint Blue Square Sasha SunglassesRetro Inspired James Dean Two Tone SunglassesPRE-ORDER** Red City Gal Cotton Poplin Dress - S-2XSTOP STARING 50's Sky Blue Polka Dot Mesh Grace Swing Dress - S-3XPRE-ORDER** Unique Vintage "Halter Back To The  50's" Red Cotton Swing Dress - XS-2X

February 17, 2012

Miss February Unique Vintage Pinup Girl; Missy Cae



Name: Melissa Cae Cornell aka (Missy Cae)    

From: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Bio: On a stormy, wintery evening I was born in Sparta, Wisconsin November 15th, 1989. For the past 20 years of my life I was living with my parents in Long Prairie, MN. My interest in modeling didn’t start until I was in 9th grade. At first, I wanted to be in Playboy. When I did my first photo shoot for my senior pictures I thought it was a blast and I even said to myself ” I could see myself doing this all day!” Then after I graduated, I started to get tattoos and piercings, well Playboy is very clean cut, so my idea of that went down the drain. Then it wasn’t until last year I decided to relocate myself to the Twin Cities to better my chances at modeling. I have met some wonderful people who have basically took me under their wing and taught me a lot of things about modeling. Over the past year of knowing them and being apart of something so amazing, my life has changed for the better, and I can’t wait for the future!. Along with modeling, my other interests consist of going to metal and rock shows, hanging out with loved ones, sipping on a cup of coffee, fishing, and watching scary movies.


Ambitions: Eventually going to school to become a personal trainer and owning my own gym. But ever since I have branched out into the modeling world, that is really what I want my career to be. It wouldn’t be because of the fame or the money.  I truly enjoy the art of modeling and being in front of that camera and creating beautiful images.


Favorite Vintage Accessory: My Favorite Vintage Accessory would have to be my black clutch purse. It’s a perfect going out purse because it fits my ID and my lip gloss.


Favorite Pinup Icon: Marilyn Monroe

February 16, 2012

Behind the Seams of Fashion Stylist Elizabeth Martucci


Elizabeth Martucci, fashion stylist

When she’s not running around 80 hours a week styling actors and actresses on hit shows like “Suburgatory”, “Glee” and “True Blood”, fashion stylist and costume designer Elizabeth Martucci is power shopping for clothes…for her clients, of course. Sound like fun? Lucky for us, one of Elizabeth’s favorite places to shop is Unique Vintage (she’s gotten Unique Vintage designs on the air many times!) and we were lucky enough to pin her down recently for an interview. According to this LA-based fashionista, the only downside to this fast-paced gig is a messy closet at home!


UV: How did you get started in fashion styling?

EM: I went to school to study fashion design/merchandising and we did an internship as part of the program. The company that I did my internship with, introduced me to a costume designer who was starting a film. I worked as an intern for that film. After my first film, I just kept getting work. I moved my way up through the lo/no pay jobs into a career in the field. It was a long road, but worth it in the end.


UV: Do you work on photo shoots, music video shoots, television shows, movies?

EM: I have worked on all of them, but I have mostly been working in television the last 6 years. I worked on “Nip Tuck”, “Glee”, “Suburgatory”, and am currently on “True Blood”. The work is always very fast paced, but exciting. We shot the Season 2 Finale of “Glee” in New York. We had only a day and a half to shop, fit, alter, and ship everything we could bring with us. We hit the ground shopping to fill in everything we that we hadn’t been able to ship.  I was running around SoHo to get the last few pieces for the next day.


UV: What is your style?

EM: I think I have an eclectic style. I take what I love from different times and places and combine them into my own thing.


UV: How has Unique Vintage helped you with your styling needs?

EM: Unique Vintage has been a wonderful resource for me on many jobs. Everyone there is helpful, incredibly knowledgeable about their vendors, and willing to go the extra mile to source multiples and size ranges.


UV: What has been the most rewarding job you’ve been on?

EM: I don’t have one job that was the most rewarding. The rewarding parts are the moments when you help someone find something they feel confident in and are excited about wearing.


UV: Where do you like to shop?

EM: I shop in all types of stores from Rodeo Drive to Goodwill.  Vintage and vintage reproduction stores, like Unique Vintage are always good staples. In film and television we dress characters.  Part of my job is to really get a sense of who these people are and where they would shop. I try to create the feel of realism to bring these characters to life. That is the fun part of the job. From show to show, there is always an exciting new character to dress.


UV: Who are some of your fashion icons?

EM: I love characters!  I like to find my fashion icons on the street in my travels. I am inspired when I see what different types of people, from all walks of life, put on when they wake up in the morning. I also love rock and roll and take a lot of inspiration from that bohemian, free spirited approach to clothing.


UV: What’s YOUR closet look like?

EM: I work about 80 hours a week…my closet looks messy! Ha ha!


UV: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion stylists?

EM: It is rewarding to work at something you enjoy.  It requires working long hours with many different personalities, but it is also fun to see exciting clothing come to life.


UV: What fashion magazines and fashion blogs do you read?

EM: One blog that I really enjoy is the Satorialist. I don’t tend to read many fashion magazines. I find more inspiration through art and photography books.


UV: What kinds of emerging trends in fashion do you see coming up in the next few months?

EM: Fashion is cyclical. Everything comes back around eventually. It has been fun watching all the 90s grunge and goth things circling back around.


UV: What are some styling tips you can give to our readers looking for help with their wardrobes?

EM: Learn your body and what looks good on you. Wear clothes that flatter your shape, not just whatever happens to be popular at the moment. Most importantly, let your personality shine through your choices. The confidence and beauty of being true to yourself brings clothes to life.

February 14, 2012

Maria’s “Unique Story”

  I got engaged in April of 2011 and decided to get married in July of that same year—which meant that I only had four months to plan my wedding!  Since I used to compete in pageants, I didn’t think that finding a dress would be very difficult for me, even if I was strapped for time.  After all, I’d worn lots of gowns before, and I had a pretty solid idea of what I was looking for.
But when I actually went dress shopping, I ran into a problem that I hadn’t anticipated.  For my ceremony, I wanted a traditional, full-length gown with a long train.  But my reception was going to be full of oldies rock and swing dancing.  My fiancé and I love old music, even though we’re both in our early twenties, and we designed our ceremony to be relatively short (we didn’t even have bridesmaids, groomsmen or a flower girl!) so that we could get right to the best part of the wedding—the party!  However, in order to party properly I needed a shorter dress—one that I could move around in.
                Now I’d heard of “convertible” dresses—long gowns that can be zipped off at the bottom.   At first I assumed that this would be an easy solution to my problem; until I realized that not only were convertible dresses much more expensive than normal gowns, but they were almost always cut in a mermaid or trumpet style.  I have never been a big fan of the tight-fitted, modern look.  When I pictured my perfect short dress, I pictured a fancier version of a white, cotton swing dress—something tea-length and reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s wedding dress in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Only when I thought of Marilyn, walking down the aisle in that beautiful short dress, did the real answer to my problem pop into my head:  Unique-Vintage.com!  The same store that had provided me with the gorgeous retro bathing suit I was using to tan for my wedding!
                One look at the Unique-Vintage “short wedding dress” section and I knew; if I couldn’t find my ideal dress at Unique-Vintage, it didn’t exist.  Luckily for me, I found my dress with just a few quick clicks:  a gorgeous, tea-length, rose lace dress with a matching bolero.  Not only was it a perfect 1950s style dress (ideal for swing dancing!) it could be worn in so many different ways!  The dress had a snap-in modesty panel in front and another in back behind the corset strings.  The bolero allowed for a put-together look that included some shoulder coverage.  And, best of all, the price was incredibly reasonable!  For a bride on a budget, it was such a great feeling to not have to compromise on the perfect dress.
                My mom (who had gone shopping with me to find my long, ceremony dress) was apprehensive, at first, about ordering my reception dress online.  But the moment my dress arrived and I slipped it on, she was ecstatic.  “It looks like I dress that I would have worn when I was young,” she mused.  It was a wonderful thing to hear her say.
                Once my July 16th wedding day finally arrived, I was nervous and excited to see how my dress stood up to some actual dancing.  My husband and I (not being huge fans of really slow songs) chose to swing to “You’re the One” by the Vogues for our first dance.  The dress was perfect, flaring and moving with me as my new husband spun me around the floor.  For our Father Daughter Dance, my dad and I swung to “Poetry In Motion” by Bobby Vee.  I felt like I had gone back in time to an era full of music that I loved and dresses that were to die for.
                At the beginning of my reception, I wore a huge, sparkly necklace and had my hair down.  However, as the dancing continued, I got very hot and soon had to shed the necklace and pull my hair back.  The dress’s beauty stood up to all of my wardrobe changes.  It was a classic ivory backdrop that I could do almost anything with.
                It was in that rose lace dress that my husband carried me through the doorway of our apartment later that night.  The dress now hangs in my closet, a beautiful reminder of not only of the day I married the man of my dreams, but of the classic 1950s style that I sought to embody and succeeded in embodying that day, thanks to Unique-Vintage.
xo, Maria Cook
Maria is a 23-year-old graduate student in Butler University’s creative writing program. She loves swing dancing to rock and roll from the 1950s and is in love with all things vintage; especially Unique-Vintage.com.