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  • The Power Of Plus

    The fashion industry, although fabulous, has always gotten a bad rap for being a little inclusive when it comes to clothes.  I am here to tell you that big is, and always will be, just another face of beauty.

    The Italian renaissance believed that to be thought of as thin was to be thought of as poor, or mal-nourished.   The artists of the day depicted women as voluptuous, and down right sexy to the day’s standards.   There was no such thing as overweight; there was only a woman who was obviously well taken care of.  They were depicted as vibrant, flawless beings who had the world at their fingertips.

    Having a bit of a thing for the pin-up era here at Unique Vintage, we have a saying; WWMD-  what would Marilyn do?  Marilyn Monroe is considered to be one of the most timeless models of beauty:  charming, successful and Hollywood’s ingénue.  What was most daring about her was her persistent desire to be thought of as an ordinary woman, when so clearly she was far from it.  What she created was a sense of normalcy in that it was fine to be a woman over a size 10. Marilyn dictated the fact it was more than fine, it was just another image of beauty.

    Beauty, much like style, is timeless and has many faces. By modern standards, the work of actress and all around fabulous goddess Christina Hendricks is carrying on Marilyn’s legacy in the new millennium.  Getting her break on the intellectual powerhouse “Mad Men,” Hendricks has created a culture around the idea of being a plus size woman in a sea of starving 80 pound actresses.  Both on the show as the flawless Joan Holloway Harris, as well as off screen as herself, Hendricks is picking up where Marilyn left beauty not too long ago: wearing nothing but her own self-assurance.

    We believe in confidence, and its effect on fashion.  We don’t offer plus size fashions because we are filling some sort of quota, but rather because we are being true to our vision as a company.  In order to provide authentic vintage lifestyles, one must remember one vital lesson: fashion may not be built for everyone, but beauty is.

    Over time, the image of a beautiful woman has changed.  However, women have remained beautiful.

     -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

  • Get ready for Prom 2011!!!

    Prom 2011 is just around the corner!!! We have added some fantastic new lines, including Night Moves and Evenings by Allure, Riva, and Mori Lee. As well as some of our favorites including Faviana, Blush, and Terani. Start shopping now to make sure you have the PERFECT dress at your Prom!!!


  • Here come the Holidays!!!

    Before we know it we will all be huddled around the table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones and trying to figure out what to get for who, who is cooking what, and what in the world you will wear for Winter Formal or that work Holiday party! At least we have you covered in the apparel category!!! Check out just a handful of the many fantastic gift giving items, or the perfect Fall/Winter piece!


  • Labor Day Sale!

    Enjoy 15% off the entire website using the code "laborday2010"! Offer valid September 4th-September 6th only. Not valid on past purchases.

  • Homecoming is here!

    Labor Day weekend means school is starting again and school means HOMECOMING!!! One of our favorite seasons where you can buy a fantastic dress, WOW everyone with it and then proudly answer: "I got it at my favorite store, Unique Vintage!" Shop NEW styles now!!!!

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  • Boots, Boots, and more Boots!

    Summer is coming to an end and we are gearing up for a Fantastic Fall season!!! We have added some fabulous boots that are sure to make your outfit a smash! Check out the Taylor, Meagan, Grayson, and Katie boots that we fell in love with, and we are sure you will too!!! And for under $45 these are a MUST HAVE for your Fall wardrobe!

    Meagan BootsTaylor BootsKatie BootsGrayson Boots

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