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  • This Week In Fab or Drab: August 19-23

    Welcome back, darling! We love your hair.

    After a full week of starlets and harlots, we are back again with a little recap of what you dames had to say! And as per usual, your opinions we're like our bra's: firm and necessary. Let's take a peek!

    Ginnifer Goodwin



    The "Once Upon A Time" star was spotted this week looking ever so twee and we just adored it. Mia Farrow was somewhere smiling with the slightest of glee. Let's see what you gals thought!

    Tina Washburn: "Love her and her hair!"

    Koala Bear: "Ensemble: Perfectly Executed."

    Jennifer Chapman: "Drab, maybe its the hair but not my cup of tee. She would look so adorable with a pencil skirt and cardigan."

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  • This Week In Fab or Drab: Aug 12-16

    Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab, darlings! After a restful weekend, you dames came fully stocked with opinions that could fill a few handbags. Throw on your stilettos and come walk with us as we take a peek at this week!

    Lily Collins


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  • UV Icon: Clara Bow

    The recent revival of the Great Gatsby has brought the love of all things Jazz Age to the forefront of pop culture. In light of the spotlight on the 1920s, we wanted to celebrate one of the best known actresses of the era, Miss Clara Bow. With her bubbly personality and shock of henna-red hair, she personified the Roaring 20s and defined the flapper.


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  • Hollywood-Inspired Homecoming Trends for 2013

    Step up your game this Homecoming with formal wear trends inspired by some of the most Oscar-worthy red carpet looks. From sparkling gold metallics to eye-catching pops of neon brights, Unique Vintage has the scoop on impeccable Hollywood-inspired Homecoming dresses for your magical night.

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  • UV Icon: Christina Hendricks


    There are few women in this world more divine than the stunningly incomparable Christina Hendricks, gals. Whether the stunning red head is making waves as Joan Holloway on the award winning "Mad Men" or sustaining a fabulous sense of personal style, Ms. Hendricks is an inspiration to hourglass-shaped dames everywhere!


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  • This Week In Fab or Drab: August 5 - 9

    Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab, darlings! You emptied all of your opinions out of your purse and threw them around generously!  Let's take a peek at this week, shall we?

    Katy Perry


    Ms. Perry looked a little blue at the premiere of the Smurf's film, but between her retro dress and divine hairstyle, we had a winner on our hands. Let's check in with you dames!

    Amber Pare: " Fab! I would wear the whole outfit (including the hair style) if I could!"

    Kathryn Sylvia: "Fab but my only thought was if there was ever a time to rock the blue hair the smurf movie premiere was it love the style should have been blue though"

    Angela Christine McGuire: "She actually looks nice for once." (ouch)


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