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Looking for Pin Up Dresses? It’s our specialty, darling! You'll fall in love with our fabulous array of vintage inspired pin up dresses ranging from the tightest of wiggle dresses to the fullest of circle skirts. Encompassing various renowned Pin-Up brands from around the world, consider Unique Vintage's Pin Up selection your one stop shop for everything your nostalgic heart ever wanted.

  • Swimwear: Retro Polka Dot Swimsuits

    The sun is shining and the beach is calling! Do you know what that means? It’s time to decide what kind of suit you want to spend your sun bathing and pool partying hours in this season. Choosing your swimsuit can be a big fashion decision, but don't fret...we're here to help! We’re thinking polka dots, lots of polka dots this time around! Whether you’re planning on showing off your tan summer bod in a vintage-inspired one piece, a sexy retro high-waisted bikini, or a more conservative skirted suit, we definitely have the look for you!

    Polka dotted retro one-piece swimsuits are a great way to go this summer! If you’re style is light and cutesy, go with our Blue & Pink Polka Dot & Stripes Halter Swimsuit. This 50s style one-piece is a fabulously darling way to strut your stuff in the sun. Were you hoping to stay a little more classically dotty this summer? Then go with our Black & White Polka Dot Betty One Piece Bathing Suit. The ruching in the mid section makes for an ultra flattering fit and the small-scale polka dots are subtly fabulous! Next, a big bow AND polka dots…need we say more? Our 50’s Style Turquoise & Black Bow Tank One Piece Swimsuit is an adorable suit for any sunny day!

    Bathing Suit 1: Blue & Pink Polka Dot & Stripes Halter Swimsuit

    Bathing Suit 2: Black & White Polka Dot Betty One Piece Bathing Suit

    Bathing Suit 3: 50s Style Turquoise & Black Bow Tank One Piece Swimsuit


    Don’t be afraid to show a little skin in a retro two-piece polka dot bathing suit. Our Red & White Polka Dot Monroe Two Piece Swimsuit does a perfect job of showing off your fabulous self. Its bright color and adorable fit makes this suit the go to look this swim season. Our 50s Style Black and Red Polka Dot Bikini is another great way to go. The black and red combo is super cute and the vintage-inspired style is way too fabulous to pass up! For another great swim look, go with our 50s Style Yellow & Black Polka Dot Two Piece Swimsuit. The boy short bottoms and the bandeau top help put a contemporary spin on this vintage inspired classic.

    Bathing Suit 1: Red & White Polka Dot Monroe Two Piece Swimsuit

    Bathing Suit 2: 50s Style Black and Red Polka Dot Bikini

    Bathing Suit 3: 50s Style Yellow & Black Polka Dot Two Piece Swimsuit


    Listen up, ladies! We’re about to throw something your way that you never saw coming. That’s right, swimdresses! This adorable one piece style is a little more conservative with a slightly longer skirted bottom, but is completely flirty and feminine. The swimdress style is meant to look like an adorable dress, but is actually a one piece bathing suit! No need for cover-ups on this one, darlings! This 1940’s White & Black Polka Dot Cabana Bathingsuit With Aqua Panel is a great swimdress option. With the pop of color in the middle and the undeniably beautiful fit, we don’t expect you to resist! Our Aqua & Red Polka Dot Betsey Swimsuit is another great option for you ladies who are interested in a cute, but covered look. Our 50s Style Red & White Dotted Swimdress is also a darling way to sport the swimdress style. Classic and ultra feminine!

    Bathing Suit 1: 1940s White & Black Polka Dot Cabana Bathingsuit With Aqua Panel 

    Bathing Suit 2: Aqua & Red Polka Dot Betsey Swimsuit

    Bathing Suit 3: 50s Style Red & White Dotted Swimdress


    Don’t forget about accessorizing, ladies! Our Navy Polka Dot Large Brimmed Hat is a great polka dotted addition to any beach look! And look at these shoes. That’s right, darlings—polka dot heels! It’s hard to go wrong on this one. Try our Black & White Polka Dot Frilled Slingback Heels to pull together any sunny look!

    Hat: Navy Polka Dot Large Brimmed Hat

    Shoes: Black & White Polka Dot Frilled Slingback Heels

    Whether you’re planning on sunbathing in a cute vintage-inspired one-piece bathing suit, relaxing by the pool in a sexy dotted high-waisted bikini, or attending the hottest summer barbecues in a charming polka dot swimdress, we certainly have the looks for you. And please ladies, don't forget the accessories! A wise woman once said, "the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize". Amen!        

  • It's May Day!


    Welcome to May Day darlings!  Grab yourself a circle skirt and gather round the may pole- it's time to celebrate Spring like it's 1955!  Being one of the lesser known Spring holidays, we thought we would take you on a little stroll through some of our more "seasonal appropriate" looks.  Grab your heels and your hats and walk with us.

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  • Vintage Inspired Fashion - Go Retro This Spring

    Spring is here, darlings.  And to celebrate, we've busted out the very best in Vintage Inspired Fashion - 1950's florals dresses for you gals!  Break out your crinoline slip and dust off those sling backs, it's time to take a peek at the seasons' freshest looks!

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  • Pin Up Fashion | Iconic Bernie Dexter for Revelry by Unique Vintage

    The iconic Pin-Up model stakes a fabulous stab at our very own Unique Vintage line of retro dresses and boy did she deliver!  Walk with us as we take a look at the latest & greatest of the collection.  Strap on your heels, ladies- here we go!

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  • UV In The OC! | Unique Vintage opens Huntington Beach Location

    The Unique Vintage Huntington Beach Grand Opening was a fabulous way for our darlings to spend their Saturday.

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  • Miss June Unique Vintage Pin Up Girl

    Name:  Autumn Breeze

    From:  Winchester, VA

    Bio:  I have always loved classic, feminine styles, but I really got into vintage when I started planning my wedding and stumbled onto I started wearing retro-repro styles to work, and soon I found I was much more comfortable in vintage-inspired and classic pieces than anything modern.  Lately, I’ve been seeking out more authentic vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe, and I’m getting into sewing vintage patterns.

    My first piece of vintage clothing was a very 70’s top of my mom’s that I wore to death in middle school.  When I was in high school, my grandmother gave me a gorgeous, 50’s, full-skirted, green dress that was hers.  I thought it was pretty then, but I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I do now.  In fact, it is the dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner.

    My first foray into pinup modeling was a wedding present for my husband.  The shoot was with Atomic Cheesecake Studios, and I was lucky enough to be included in their special edition of Retro Lovely Magazine, which spurred me to make a profile on one of those modeling websites.  From there, I scheduled a shoot with a local photographer, Captured Raw Photography, and I’m just hoping to do as much pinup modeling as I can.  I love any excuse to play dress up, from swing dancing with my husband, to just going to the movies.

    Ambitions:  I’m currently working towards opening an Etsy store stocked with my own, original pinup art.  I’m also dabbling in graphic design for small ads or websites.  And of course, I’d love to continue pinup modeling!  You can keep up with me on my Facebook page:

    Favorite Vintage Accessory:  I can’t get enough of vintage hats, though I have to admit, I don’t find much occasion to wear them.  I do have a collection of vintage brooches, which are easy to add to almost any outfit and are such a fun touch!

    Favorite Pinup Icon:  Elizabeth Taylor is probably my favorite pinup icon, but it’s so difficult to choose just one!  Liz was just impossibly gorgeous.  If I had to choose a favorite pinup icon of today, it would be Dita Von Teese.  I’ve never seen anyone who is as glamorous at every moment as Dita Von Teese.

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