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Looking for Pin Up Dresses? It’s our specialty, darling! You'll fall in love with our fabulous array of vintage inspired pin up dresses ranging from the tightest of wiggle dresses to the fullest of circle skirts. Encompassing various renowned Pin-Up brands from around the world, consider Unique Vintage's Pin Up selection your one stop shop for everything your nostalgic heart ever wanted.

  • Miss February Unique Vintage Pinup Girl; Missy Cae


    Name: Melissa Cae Cornell aka (Missy Cae)    

    From: Saint Paul, Minnesota

    Bio: On a stormy, wintery evening I was born in Sparta, Wisconsin November 15th, 1989. For the past 20 years of my life I was living with my parents in Long Prairie, MN. My interest in modeling didn't start until I was in 9th grade. At first, I wanted to be in Playboy. When I did my first photo shoot for my senior pictures I thought it was a blast and I even said to myself " I could see myself doing this all day!" Then after I graduated, I started to get tattoos and piercings, well Playboy is very clean cut, so my idea of that went down the drain. Then it wasn't until last year I decided to relocate myself to the Twin Cities to better my chances at modeling. I have met some wonderful people who have basically took me under their wing and taught me a lot of things about modeling. Over the past year of knowing them and being apart of something so amazing, my life has changed for the better, and I can't wait for the future!. Along with modeling, my other interests consist of going to metal and rock shows, hanging out with loved ones, sipping on a cup of coffee, fishing, and watching scary movies.


    Ambitions: Eventually going to school to become a personal trainer and owning my own gym. But ever since I have branched out into the modeling world, that is really what I want my career to be. It wouldn't be because of the fame or the money.  I truly enjoy the art of modeling and being in front of that camera and creating beautiful images.


    Favorite Vintage Accessory: My Favorite Vintage Accessory would have to be my black clutch purse. It's a perfect going out purse because it fits my ID and my lip gloss.


    Favorite Pinup Icon: Marilyn Monroe

  • Miss January Unique Vintage Pinup Girl

    Name:  Sarah Harley

    From:  Wilmington, Delaware

    Bio:  From a young age, I always knew I was weird. This is not a statement that is a cry for pity, but more of a statement of rejoice. When I was younger, I did not think of this as a positive thing in my life because of the lack of friends and invites to Lisa Frank parties. However, I was able to figure out who I was and be proud of the woman I was becoming. So without further ado, I am going to attempt to tell everyone a bit about myself:

    hroughout my nineteen years of weirdness, I have accomplished a shocking amount of wonderful deeds. I am a volunteer, drummer,  horse back rider, student,  scuba diver, world traveler, model, and a lover for all things Saturday Night Live. I have also been blessed with the most incredible family a girl could ever ask for. My mother, who I believe is secretly an angel, has been with me through everything and loves me, as I love her, unconditionally. With everything I do, I just want to make my mommy proud. I know she will probably read this and think “I am proud of her all the time,” but I still want to accomplish even more wonderful things so she can continue to say with pride, “That’s my baby!”

    Currently, I am in my sophomore year at LaSalle University as a Mass Media Communications major with a minor in Leadership and Global Understanding. In the beginning of the semester, I started LaSalle’s first Equestrian team and continue to ride every Tuesday with an awesome group of girls. I also started volunteering with the Writing Matters program, which is a program designed to allow students to raise their voice through the power of creative writing. In February, I plan to go to India and Nepal with my history class to volunteer in various locations to help the locals, and also to learn about their culture. I am also one of the main writers for LaSalle’s Q&A game show and hope to soon be one of their hosts! Overall, as you can tell, from being weird I am able to call myself a very lucky nineteen-year-old who has already accomplished many of her ambitions. I hope to show the world that just because I am young does not mean I am not mighty. Through my passion and love, I will succeed!

    Ambitions: Within the near future, I plan to continue riding my horse, judge, as well as study abroad in either South Africa or Australia. I hope to also graduate from LaSalle with honors and attend graduate school. Between graduation and graduate school, I plan on participating in roller derby and continuing to travel the world! My ultimate goal is to gain a job (or even an internship) with either NBC, National Geographic, or WMMR! Also, I hope to continue to be published more with my modeling and hopefully see a live recording of Saturday Night Live! Overall, my main ambition is to continue being happy and most of all to make my mom proud!

    Favorite Vintage Accessory:  No pin-up is complete without the perfect string of pearls!

    Favorite Pinup Icon:  Marilyn Monroe! She is definitely the reason why I am so interested in pin-up and why my hair is blonde! Her role in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes just amazed me and made me want to learn more about her as a person and as an actress.

  • Miss December Unique Vintage Pinup Girl

    Name: Elisa Keane                  

    From: Des Plaines, Illinois

    Bio: I grew up in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb not far from Chicago. My parents got divorced when I was 8, but both raised me equally with love and support.  It was interesting being raised by them separately because they both contributed valuable wisdom and shared their own life lessons. I always felt a little “lost” as a teen, trying to discover my true self. I hung with different crowds, all of which impacted me in opposite directions.

    I met my true love in high school without realizing it at first. James, my now husband, led me in the right direction. We never dated in high school but just knowing him was an awakening towards looking at life differently. We kept in touch throughout my college years and basically grew up together. We learned from each other and found strength and love. We recently got married on October 29th, 2011 and the wedding was a perfect reflection of our personalities and love. I found my true self through him.

    I attended three different colleges all shooting for a degree in graphic design. My love for music and art gave me hope to eventually work for a music label one day, creating artwork for albums, magazines and posters. At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had to drop out of school during this time because the illness basically took over for some time and I needed to regroup and breath in this new challenge in my life. Today, I have it under control and I’m on medication that slows the progression of the disease. Honestly, I feel so good that I barely think about it. I’m a huge believer of mind over matter and I never focus on my M.S.  I currently work for Starbucks Coffee Company as a supervisor. This corporation offers me wonderful health benefits which I highly appreciate considering my situation.

    I was always interested in modeling and admired the 1940’s pin up style. A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to be in a shoot with her, so I felt like this was my chance to experience something intriguing. I fell in love with this art form and being the subject was something I never saw myself actually diving into. I’m so glad I did though because it changed me. It became an outstanding dream to pursue.

    Ambitions: It has been quite some time since I’ve been in college and since then I’ve imagined, many times, what I want the rest of my life to look like.  I have a grasp on my interests but haven’t exactly decided what I want to be when I grow up! I think the biggest problem for me is that I have too many fantasies about certain things that I could potentially see myself doing that would make me satisfied and happy. I have an amazing love for music, art, antiques, fashion and oddly, organization. I would love to try and incorporate all of these aspects into my life. The fun part is trying to get there…

     Favorite Vintage Accessory: I must admit I have many, but the most meaningful vintage accessory that I own is my grandmother’s ring. It actually is my engagement ring and getting proposed to with her ring meant more than any other ordinary diamond. By far, this is my favorite accessory.

    Favorite Pinup Icon: Bettie Page, of course! She was such a beautiful woman who had many struggles in her life but has been an inspirational icon to many, even in today’s society. I’m a big fan of her signature bangs.

  • Miss November Unique Vintage Pinup Girl: Jennifer Forster

    Name: Jennifer Forster 

    From: Louisville, KY

    Bio: My story starts out in the down home state of Kentucky, where I was born and raised. With the horses and the bluegrass, the countryside and the sweet demeanor of the people that have lived there their entire lives, Kentucky is absolutely beautiful. Up until six years ago, I believed I would live out my years there too in a small town with a good old country boy. Then I met my husband. He is completely the opposite of everything I had grown up with. He is a nerdy, video game-loving, big city kind of guy, and we were meant to be together from the moment we laid eyes on each other in our sophomore year of high school. He was not into the typical Kentucky way of life...horseback riding, hanging out in the barn, and getting down and dirty out on the farm. He inspired me to achieve more than what a small town could provide. So after we graduated from high school, we moved to Chicago to pursue our careers. Now I am a college graduate with a license to practice as a veterinary technician and we were married this October.

    Ambitions: As a young girl I always loved animals and was always there for any little critter running around lost, hurt, or just needing a friend. As a little ginger-haired and freckled faced girl, I carried home many mangy little strays, much to my parents' dismay. My biggest ambition in life is to become a veterinarian. I not only want to help the animals, but I want to help the owners understand how to better care for their precious companions. I have already put myself through school and have become a veterinary technician, but it would put the icing on the cupcake if I got accepted into veterinary school!

    Favorite Vintage Accessory: It's hard to narrow down what my favorite accessory. But if I have to make a choice, it's gonna be my pearls. I could definitely wear pearls with just about anything! They make everything a little more sophisticated. And who can forget the high heels?! I love the way they make my legs look so long and sexy :}

    Favorite Pinup Icon: Rita Hayworth was a beauty icon for all women in the 40's. She was a gorgeous pin up girl for our servicemen, and a very successful film star. She was so beautiful inside and out. And although she had many difficulties in her personal life, she shined above all of them and had an amazing career. And to top it off, she was a dynamite redhead.

  • Miss October Unique Vintage Pinup Girl

    Name: Patricia Rodriguez Tillman

    From: San Salvador, El Salvador

    Bio: Not long after I was born, El Salvador-the beautiful tropical paradise that I called home-erupted into a civil war. My parents no longer felt safe in our own home so at the age of 3, my parents packed up what we could carry and flew my two sisters and I to live with relatives in Montreal, Canada for a better life. A couple of years later, my parents decided to move to Toronto, Canada where I grew up for most of my life. While living in Toronto, I would dream, as so many other young girls do, of moving to Southern California and one day becoming a famous actress or model. As a result, I enrolled with talent agencies and was an extra in a couple of movies and shows in the 90's, but I never got my big break into showbiz.

    While on spring break in Virginia Beach, VA with my best friend, I ran into and fell in love with a sailor in the US Navy and my future husband-to-be. Soon after we met, he deployed for six months, so we stayed in contact through letters, phone calls and emails. Soon after his return, he asked me to marry him and I said "yes".  A little over a year later we were married and due to the military lifestyle, we have called many places home such as Florida, Virginia Beach, Guam and now sunny Southern Caliifornia where I have dreamt of living since I was a little girl.

    For our 11th anniversary this past year, I wanted to do something special for my husband: Being that we are both fans of the 20's swing era and pin-up art, I decided to pay tribute to him and the sacrifices he makes in the US Navy by becoming his very own USO pin-up girl to boost his morale when he is away on long deployments.

    Ambitions: I always aspired to be a model or an actress, but because I wasn't tall enough or stick thin, I realistically didn't think I could do it.  Ambitions and goals changed in life, and currently I am a Navy wife and a mother to two beautiful little girls. My ambitions now are to raise my little girls with love and adoration and to provide for them and help them follow and achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.

    As far as my own ambitions, I have once again decided to pursue a modeling career, but this time I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a photographer. When the search began, I wasn't looking for just any photographer, I wanted one that specialized in classic pin-up art forms, because if I was going to model again, this time I wanted to do it my way. To me, and most men will agree, stick figured looking models aren't classy. The pin-up models of the 1940's were real woman with curves and they knew how to be sexy without showing it all. They also knew how to embrace their beauty inward and out. They are definitely an example of what a true woman should be!

    Favorite Vintage Accessory: I would definitley have to say my white rose.  I absolutely love it, it makes every outfit a little more special, and it makes me feel pretty :)

    Favorite Pinup Icon: Betty Grable.. She had both beauty and talent!

  • Introducing Unique Vintage's September Pinup Girl


     Tiffany “Miss Rockett Girl” Frankenberger

    From: Cranford, NJ

    Bio: I have been pinup modeling five years this November. It was something I fell in love with while flipping through hot rod magazines and seeing all the pretty girls posing on the various cars. It sparked my attention and I was determined to find a photographer willing to photo shoot me. Fast-forward five years later: I have never stopped and have loved every minute of it. It has opened my eyes to people’s perception of what beauty is. I have never thought of myself as a plus size anything until I was placed in this category while modeling. I am ok with it and I embrace it. I consider myself an average sized person but in modeling standards, I am a plus size, curvy model. So I use my modeling as a way of speaking out for the plus size community and tell all the little girls who are considered “fat” that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a size 4 to be a pin up. Fifty years ago, pinups where more curvy and had some meat on their bones. I say this with confidence since I live with an 88-year-old grandmother who lived through this era, and she approves of my pictures. She says not all women where skinny or are meant to be skinny. She also says the secret to ladies trying to be thin back then was all of the corsets, girdles and waist cinchers they wore under their clothes.

    Since I began pin up modeling, I have started my own styling company and a photographer and I have partner up a couple times a month to do photo shoots. It’s fun being able to transform all of the lovely ladies into beautiful pinups. I’ve been able to pull from my own experience watching the hair and make up people do the same for me.

    I have also been featured in Retro Lovely magazine five times. This has been a dream for me. It proves that you don’t have to compete with the skinny gals to have a page in an amazing magazine!

    I wish all the best to all my fellow aspiring plus size and regular pin up models. It is the most fun you will ever have!

    Ambitions: My ambitions are to represent the plus sized pinup community the best I can. I have never considered myself plus size. I feel at a size 12/14 I am a normal size. My size fits my body shape and height. It wasn’t until I began modeling that I was put into a category. It has never stopped me from achieving my dreams of being a pinup model. One day, I hope to model for a fabulous company as yours and have little girls who are curvy and plus size look up to me for inspiration.

    My second ambition would be to have my own accessories’ store. I have been designing and creating my own jewelry and hair accessories for a few years and would love to finally have my own designs featured on models and on blogs and websites.

    Favorite Vintage Accessory: I have two favorite accessories, actually: Vintage purses and hair accessories; I am a sucker for vintage purses and love finding them in thrift stores, cleaning them up and wearing them out. Also, I love hats, veils, feathers and flowers. They can make any simple outfit stand out and look like you paid a lot of money for it.

    Favorite Pinup Icon: I LOVE Audrey Hepburn and her classic style. It’s very clean and fresh and oh so stylish. I also love Lauren Becall. She has everlasting beauty. Not only was she stunning back in the day, but she had a very strong presence on screen, which I adore.

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