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Unique Vintage offers Prom Dresses for any style! Our huge selection of Prom Dresses ranges from cocktail gowns to dazzling evening gowns and is available in any color or size you little heart desires! Our Unique Vintage Inspired designs are sure to be a show stopper on your special night!

  • Unique Vintage Icons: Dita Von Teese

    Few women have captured the eyes of the fashion world quite like the incomparable Dita Von Teese.


    With her porcelain skin, perfectly coifed hair and deep dark eyes, this modern day pin-up is a style icon here at Unique Vintage.


    A question we are commonly asking ourselves is: “Well, would Miss Dita Von Teese wear it?”

    At Unique Vintage, the mere mention of Miss Dita sends women and gay men alike into a frenzy of applause, tears and a slight sense of being overwhelmed.

    So we salute you, Dita! You are an official Unique Vintage Icon.

    Stay fabulous.

  • New at Unique Vintage: Shoes!

    “The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

          Carrie Bradshaw ("Sex and the City")

  • Ladies in Red

    The fashion world is just a buzzin' after Sunday night’s showing of the 2011 Emmys. There was no shortage of glitz and glam as the women made their way down the red carpet. Speaking of red, whether you caught a couple of minutes or the full show, it was obviously the “it” color of the night. Some celebs were clearly channeling the Jessica Rabbit-burlesque style on the carpet, and absolutely sparkled in this gorgeous color. Along with bombshell bodies and simple jewelry, these ladies exemplified understated elegance. Here are some of our favorite red looks of the night along with our own "better priced" versions! -Emily Fogarty












  • According to Coco

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
    Coco Chanel

  • Mobsters and Witches and Cowgirls...Oh My!

    Not sure what to dress up as for Halloween this year? Unique Vintage has you covered! Check out these fabulously unique Halloween costumes we put together. Then see how to dress it down and  re-wear them on any normal day!

    Be a Mobster for Halloween...


    Pair it with:

    ...and still have an adorable dress to wear later!

    Be a Charming Witch for Halloween...

    Pair it with:

    ...and then wear this classic black dress for a date night!

    Be a Southern Belle for Halloween...

    Pair it with:

    ...and have an adorable Pinup girl dress for the upcoming family picnic!

    Happy Halloween shopping!

    xoxo, Unique Vintage

  • Unique Vintage Recommends: Midnight in Paris

    There are few films that can capture the romanticism of Paris in such a modern, yet old world sense. The city of lights is not only the Mecca for fashion lovers, but for lovers in general. In the film "Midnight in Paris", director Woody Allen transports the audience, as well as protagonist Gil Pender, to Paris in its most divine period; the 1920’s. The dimly lit streets are filled with the faint sound of Cole Porter’s  “Let’s Fall In Love.” Nostalgia, in its most fabulous state, is literally around every corner. The protagonist, played masterfully by a bumbling yet thrilled Owen Wilson, comes face to face with his literary hero’s including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. The film goes from being not only a brilliant film, but to a delicious portrait of Paris in the jazz age.

    But what caught our eyes here at Unique Vintage were the costumes, of course. With this film getting Oscar buzz left and right, we expect for the '20s to come roaring back onto the scene for this Holiday season. The carefree era we have come to know for its numerous libations is going to be the central theme for countless events, and Unique Vintage wants you to be the first one in line for the Charleston!

    For your next speakeasy, choose from our extensive collection of flapper dresses. Here are some of our favorites below:







    A bientot!


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