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Unique Vintage offers Prom Dresses for any style! Our huge selection of Prom Dresses ranges from cocktail gowns to dazzling evening gowns and is available in any color or size you little heart desires! Our Unique Vintage Inspired designs are sure to be a show stopper on your special night!

  • Ohhh La Lace!

    A big trend emerging this season is lace. Everywhere you look, there is someone wearing it or showing it off in a magazine spread. There are so many ways to wear this material confection. Some ideas...

    Lace Dresses Whether you opt for head-to-toe lace or a sprinkling of lace details, there is something so romantic and feminine about this design aesthetic. Typically, white lace is associated with "bridal" or "girly" styles.  Not what you're going for? Try wearing a bright colored lace to give you a bold modern look.

    Lace Separates Shirts, skirts, jackets...there are so many great options to add lace to any outfit. Pairing a cute lace shirt with a skirt or wearing a jacket with lace cutouts.


    Lace Accessories Purses, stockings, heels...if you're not a big fan of lace, try wearing lace pantyhose under your dress or skirt instead of tights. Another idea is adding a little touch of lace in your purse or heels.


    Amanda Terry, UV Blogger

  • Photoshopped to Perfection

    I recently came across a  photo of Madonna on the Internet and it was a real eye opener. When looking for an image of “beauty” it's hard not to try to compare yourself to the celebrities and models you see on magazines. After all, you buy the magazine in order to attain the secrets on how to look beautiful. Is it fair that they Photoshop the celebrities so much that it's physically impossible for anyone to ever achieve that type of perfection? What happened to real beauty and loving yourself for who you are? It's easy to get lost in all these "fake" images and trying to compare yourself to these magazine covers. They are everywhere.

    I have to admit, seeing this photo made me kind of smile inside. Don’t get me wrong, I think Madonna is awesome, but it's so relieving to see the “truth”. These celebrities and models are real and normal, and they aren’t perfect. So the next time you see a magazine, and wish you could look like that, remember that anyone can be “Photoshopped to perfection”.


    Amanda Terry, UV Blogger

  • Wedding Belles...

    This past weekend I had the honor and pleasure of attending a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary. It was gorgeously decorated, with poster-sized pictures of the happy couple on their wedding day many years ago, mums as floral arrangements to give it that fall, rustic feel, personalized 1961 CDs party favors, and just enough gold to pay homage to this special anniversary. Why am I shamelessly promoting this fabulous event you might ask? It's not just because it was my mother who decorated or the fact that I helped. No, no, it is definitely because the happy couple is my grandparents!

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of the party and rocking out to some Elvis Presley, I found myself looking at this gorgeous picture of my grandmother in her wedding dress. It was 1961 and she was dressed in a gorgeous tea length sleeved dress which was so classically sixties I could barely stand it. She saw me admiring it and came over and said, "Honey, that dress couldn't have cost me more than $50!" I just loved the classic, Audrey Hepburn influence to her wedding dress, with its elegance and simplicity. Swoon. I almost wished I could get married back then, just to wear that sort of gown.

    (My grandmother, affectionately called Nannie.)

     While wedding dresses today can cost up to the thousands upon thousands of dollars, Unique Vintage has some amazing options if you are going for a nod to the sixties, or a more modern look to make a bride's special day one she will look back on at her own 50th wedding anniversary!


    xo, Emily Fogarty, UV Blogger


    Hair. It’s one of the first things you notice about a person. It's just so incredibly versatile. You can wear it in a sleek pony one day, strut some big bombshell waves the next, and then follow it up with a super straight style. Having a bad hair day? Just throw on a hat or fun hair accessory and problem solved! Here are some of my favorites from UV:

    Whip it, girl!

    xo, Emily Fogarty, UV Blogger

  • The F Word

    There is a lot to be said for what I like to call, “tangible beauty.”  As children, we are taught that beauty is something we can find on the inside; something that comes from within.  But I constantly tell people I spent most of my college career majoring in “appearances.”  By using a mixture of mid-century sensibilities, a pair of good pumps and the occasional exfoliating regime , the F word shouldn’t be so scary.  Fashion has a lot of power, when used in the right context.

    Coco Chanel once famously said; “A woman should be two things: who and what she wants.”  There is a lot of truth in viewing fashion as a means of transformation.  The clothes we wear not only speak at decibels beyond words, but also exude a subtlety that is often ignored by the masses.  Clothes are able to tell a story about its wearer; where they have been, where they intend to go.  Fashion is meant to be the ultimate supporting role in your life.

    Fashion is often laughed at, with its polka dots and stilettos.  I always found it easy to poke fun at fashion, but had a hard time understanding most of its harshest critics.  While it is simple to criticize, it is more difficult to do it naked.  I would deem it more of a practical art, as opposed to fluff.  Clothes are constructed from pieces, much like its wearer; we are only as complete as we feel.  A well-put together outfit could reflect the full togetherness of its inhabitant.  And the same goes for clothes in pieces; its owner may feel just as scattered.  But it is fashion’s transformation component that makes it so appealing.  Much like Halloween, you get to be somebody else.

    It’s true, beauty comes from within.  But sometimes, a little window dressing is important.  Appearances are not meant to be everything, but rather, they are meant to be something that enhance what is already there; both obviously and potentially.

     -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

  • Driving Miss Dita

    Check out this fabulous interview with Unique Vintage favorite, Dita Von Teese, as she takes us for a ride is some of her classic cars in the Hollywood Hills.

      -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

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