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Adele: Cover of March Vogue?

December 21, 2011 by Stan | Celebrity Fashion

r ADELE VOGUE COVER large570 Adele: Cover of March Vogue?

I just read that there are solid rumors flying about saying Adele may land the cover of March 2012′s Vogue magazine (the second most popular issue of the year next to September, which is filled with spring fashion trends and lots of ads). That might not sound too “newsy” considering the wildly popular Grammy-winning chanteuse has hijacked the sound waves for some time. However, Vogue cover models generally fit the size 2/4 stereotype, and Adele is a size 14. If Anna Wintour chooses wisely, this British songstress will have a serious coup on her hands! Here’s to hoping Adele’s womanly figure beats out the competition…and is wearing Unique Vintage!!!


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