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If writing is my husband, then creating dresses is my dirty mistress.

I went to a 4-year design program here in Burbank, CA at Woodbury University and since graduation I have worked all over the Los Angeles area.  At 22, I was a creative assistant at a West Hollywood based “designer to the stars”.  By the time I was 23, I was an apprentice to a couturier based out of the L.A. Miracle Mile district.  All of which led my up to my post here at the fabulous Unique Vintage.

Getting the opportunity to design for a new company like this one is almost unreal.  I’ve been commissioned to create three pieces for the Unique Vintage line; all of which will reflect not only our mid-century sensibilities but also keeping a strong sense of modernity.

The first of the three pieces is a 60’s style scoop neck dress, with a pleated skirt for volume.  Once the mock-up is finished, we will move into fabric choice.  We were thinking a vibrant printed taffeta for the skirt portion; something in a floral.  And for the top, something quiet but texturally interesting.

Meanwhile, the other two pieces are still in the pattern-making stages.  Once they are in a more tangible muslin mock-up, we will give you a little more of an update.

 -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

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