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From The Studio: #3

March 16, 2012 by Stan | Celebrity Fashion

photo2 From The Studio: #3Greetings, from the taffeta jungle!  With Prom season well underway, the studio has seen fewer nights full of ingenuity, and more nights filled with an un-corked bottle of wine.  Inspiration is wherever you find it.

photo 11 e1331851376563 224x300 From The Studio: #3 photo 101 224x300 From The Studio: #3








With bags of fabric piled up everywhere, the most recent development is in the birth of a new swing dress.  Being pieced together as we speak, the dress is sporting a vintage front neckline, and a sexy low back.   A full skirt gives it the perfect nostalgic swing we love here at UV.

photo 12 764x1024 From The Studio: #3

The inspiration board doesn’t only draw upon an era, but perhaps evokes a mood more than anything.  I tend to find a lot of inspiration in these blips in time where so much was happening in the picture, and yet all of it stops for a second.  You rarely get the chance to look back on one moment and really dissect it.

photo e1331851567474 1024x764 From The Studio: #3The pattern is really the most essential part of this whole operation.  With a bodice that finally fits like a glove, all it needs is a little tweaking before we can turn it into another dress.

photo 8 1024x772 From The Studio: #3The fabric speaks to me in a way probably a lover only should, but words are words!  It’s always nice to feel a sense of nearing completion with these garments.  If for no reason but sheer anticipation for the next one.

photo 51 e1331851725373 764x1024 From The Studio: #3 -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

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