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The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30- Oct 4

October 7, 2013 by Stan | Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back, gals!  You look fabulously rested! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Jessica Pare

jessicapare The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

The “Mad Men” star was spotted last week emulating her inner secretary and we adored the whole look. From hair to hem, we thought it was sharp, with just a hint of retro! You gals, however, didn’t quite agree. Since we didn’t get our usually vocal darlings to participate, we decided it would be fun to see what her fellow Mad Women might think about the situation. Hit it, ladies!

Peggy Olson: “The dress is fine, but she’s clearly not trying to get ahead at work.”

Joan Holloway: “Oh how darling! You clean up so well.”

Betty Draper Francis: “Drab.” 

Jessica Biel

jessicabiel The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

Our second Jessica of the week was spotted giving us her very best Marlene Dietrich and applauded a little. We love a good menswear inspired look on a dame- but a briefcase purse? That is commitment, gals! Let’s see what you had to say.

Monica Ramirez: “It looks great from far.. I think she needs a bold lip color maybe a deep red”

Ang Shove-Ink: “She’s got her suit, but not her tie #TimberlakeFail

Tasha Baker: “Her makeup is dreadful. Somebody give her some color for Pete’s sake.”

Dita Von Teese

ditavonteese The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

Miss Dita arrived mid-week to give us the boost we most desperately needed, darlings! Photographed with the fabulous Carmen Dell’Orefice, Dita thrilled us in this 1940s number- complete with a FANTASTIC print! Opinions, dears! Let’s hear ‘em!

Elise Renee Tibbits: “Full out FAB!!”

Melissa Shuluv: “Surely FAB!!! But then…when is she not?!”

Jacqui Haynes: “Oh my good gracious! I WANT THIS DRESS!!!”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

maryelizabethwinstead The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

The gal whose name we envy was spotted this week and begged us to ask ourselves the following: how do we feel about capes! After a little soul searching, we decided that the silhouette was the clear winner here. The colors may be a tad too autumnal for our tastes, however.  You gals were feeling expressive- let’s take a look!

Elizabeth Barrie Buck: “The colors are harsh but I like the silhouette. Yes to capes, no to mustard/chartreuse.”

Daryl France: “Cape is great. if I wore this color people would dial 911.”

Maria Winter: “I love the cape and the colors!”

Christina Hendricks

christinahendricks The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

We wrapped up the week with a little RED, darlings! UV Icon Christina Hendricks stunned us in this floral number! That hair, those shoes- all of this works for us! We just realized how much we miss “Mad Men.” Thoughts, gals!

Briana Shackley: “It does need to be a bit more fitted in the waist to show off her wonderful figure but I do like the cut of the sleeves.”

Susan Scoven: “She is so gorgeous, but I don’t think the living room drapes look very good on her.”

Andrea Reimann: “That woman could wear a burlap sack and I’d be all about it. She’s wonderfully gorgeous.”

Well there you have it, another week of opinions gone by and we couldn’t be more proud of you all! Join us next week as we take another fabulous batch of starlets and give them a piece of our retro-minds!

Until then, darlings!

-The UV Team








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