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This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27-31

February 3, 2014 by Unique Vintage | Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back, darlings! Is everyone feeling rested? Peel off the last bit of your mud mask and throw on your heels. We’re taking a little peek at what these ladies wore last week and it was a DOOZY! Sensible shoes on, gals! Let’s walk.

Ariana Grande

arianagrande This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27 31

The young songstress was spotted in all her floral perfection at the Grammys! And we fell out a little over this full skirt. Ms. Grande caters to the retro looks and we aren’t about to stop her. Let’s see what you dames had to say:

Angelina Brewer: “If my daughter wants to emulate this girl I’m all for it”

Greta Aguirre: “Amazing dress! Love love! BUT she’s drowning in it! She looks like a little girl in mommy’s beautiful dress….”

Amanda Krause: “Fab dress…horrible black ponytail holder showing in her hair!”


Katy Perry

katyperry This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27 31

Last week was a big week for florals, dames. Katy Perry came dressed as some type of “First Lady of Music” in her homage to both the Kennedy Administration and drapery.  Hit it, gals:

Nicole Nixon: “Not digging this. She could have done with a solid color cape thing. The pattern is overpowered.”

Lana Torres: “Too much! Although to me it looks like an extra costume from Cleopatra (1963).”

Heather Anderson: “I highly approve. The cape is fabulous, too. And such cute hair. Why look like everyone else?!”


Amy Adams

amyadams This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27 31

Perhaps our new favorite, Ms. Amy was spotted in all her Rita Hayworth glory last week and we swooned appropriately. That dress is a stunner if we ever saw one and her hair is spot on. You ladies responded in unison:

Natalie Harms: “Perfection achieved.”

Lacy Phillips: “Gorgeous in every detail.”

Crissi Shumaker: “Vintage, doing it RIGHT!”


Zooey Deschanel

zooeydeschanel This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27 31

Our a-dork-able Zooey was quite literally spotted last week in a dress with our personal favorite detail: sleeves! A dotted frock is always a feast for the eyes, gals. Thoughts?

DeeDee Bennett: “Zooey is always Fab!”

Katy Cunningham: “Maybe red shoes? It’s cute but a little bland.”

Megan Covelli: “I absolutely adore her! I would love to own everything in her wardrobe “


Dita Von Teese

ditavonteese This Week in Fab or Drab: Jan. 27 31

Our darling Dita wrapped up the week in the only way she knew how: fabulously. A vision in magenta, the divine Von Teese knocked our stockings off yet again, gals. And you all praised accordingly:

Joann Saggese: “So gorgeous! Love her. The color is fabulous. Her coloring is a perfect backdrop. How can anyone even have a question about her?”

Tara Ann: “Perfect! That color with her hair is fabulous. Flawless.”

Ramona Schmidt: “Proof positive that you don’t need a short skirt or low cut top to be sexy, she looks amazing, love this dress”


Well there you have it, gals! Now go refill your purse with opinions and join us all week as we Fab or Drab all over Facebook! And make sure to shimmy on back to the blog every Monday for the weekly recap!



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