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This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 2-6

September 9, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Celebrity Fashion

Hello gals! And welcome back! Did you all have a restful weekend? As per usual, this week was a purse-full of opinions and you gals didn’t hold back! Throw on some lipstick, grab your cat eyes and let’s take a look at the week’s best (and most questionable) ensembles.

Ariana Grande

arianagrande 800x382 This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 2 6The starlet was spotted in this flowery number for the MTV crowd last week and our dear friend Kenley Collins was behind the fragrant frock! We thought the shoes were a fun pop of color and her hair was a charming 60s inspired look. Let’s see what you gals had to say!

Renia Carsillo: “Gorgeous! What a great way to look sexy without looking like a cheap hooker! She should take Miley Cyrus shopping.”

Briana Shackley: “The print and the structured fabric are great choices and the cap sleeves are too cute but I’d have to say it is a bit short. And a white patent heel clashes a bit I think I would have gone with a soft pink in a material with no sheen/shine since the dress has some.”

Haley Beets: “It’s like a sassy version of Lucy Liu’s floral ball gown. So cute and perfect for her age!”

Lilly Collins

lilycollins 800x382 This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 2 6

In what appears to be moments before a Burslesque act (we’re guessing!) Ms. Collins served up some serious retro dame hair and  appliqué. While a dress like this may be reserved for masters like Dita Von Teese, we applaud Lily for giving us a mid-week boost of fabulousness. Thoughts?

Heather Roni: “Hair and shoes are fantastic, and the dress, while definitely not “drab”, isn’t my cup of tea.”

Megan Montoya: “Absolutely FABULOUS!!!”

Robin Tysoe: “So, I like it, but the dress has an issue. The appliqué needs to come down 3 inches and then it would be perfect.”

Olivia Munn

oliviamunn 800x382 This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 2 6

We love any gal who executes a corset at random. Ms. Olivia Munn was spotted in this lacy little number and we swooned a little. Effortless hair, killer shoes and a splash of lace – sounds like our Saturday nights, dears. Take it away, girls!

Frank Marter: “Looks like she forgot to put on a blouse to cover up her corset.”

Maggie Bell Putnam: “She needs a jacket or shrug. Love the punch of red in the shoes!”

Karen Taylor: “Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars.”

Michelle Dockery

michelledockery 800x382 This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 2 6

The “Downton Abbey” finished off our week with a fabulous little pop of Mod! What a sassy little haircut and we are big fans of a nice Tangerine splash on any red carpet. She gave us a touch of Megan Draper and we loved it! Hit it, ladies!

Jessie Crowe: “Very mod. I wish they had taken her picture on a contrasting background so we could see it better.”

Elizabeth Green: “Love the dress, but it needs gogo boots”

Randi Jensen: “Fab” (concise, darling.)

It was a shorter week since we spent Labor Day in a one-piece at the beach, so we were short of opinions this week! But join us next week as we take a five day look at our latest batch of fab or drab stars!

Until then, darlings!

-The UV Team



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