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Unique Vintage Recommends: Bill Cunningham New York

January 5, 2012 by Stan | Celebrity Fashion

billcunninghamnewyork 592x299 Unique Vintage Recommends: Bill Cunningham New YorkWhen documentaries choose to peer into the fashion industry, it is though they are visitors in a bird sanctuary.  In an industry of appearances, when a film can capture moments of substance and soul, it really grabs the attention of those inquisitive outside gazers.

Bill Cunningham New York 1 300x167 Unique Vintage Recommends: Bill Cunningham New YorkSuch is the story of Bill Cunningham.  Having spent his 80-year life in the search for “beautiful things,” he took to the streets in search of all the beauty New York had to offer.  His specialty?  Candid shots of New Yorkers; setting trends and following them blindly.  Equipped with a bike and a camera, Mr. Cunningham found the pulse of the city and turned it into a commodity.

Bill Cunningham New York2 300x220 Unique Vintage Recommends: Bill Cunningham New YorkThe documentary is a profile of his already 40 year career as a photographer, and as an artist.  Having had two separate columns for the style section for the New York Times for the past two decades, his work has often caught the eye of both the industry and its ringleaders.  But it is that man behind the camera that catches your eye.  A simple, down to earth man un-phased by the glamour of the world he surrounds himself with.  It his unbiased eye that creates the beauty.

Bill Cunningham spent his whole life searching for beauty, and in turn was creating it for himself.  The film is poignant and simplistically candid; pure Bill.

billcunninghamnewyork Unique Vintage Recommends: Bill Cunningham New York -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger