October 20, 2011

All About (Hallows) Eve

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Here at Unique Vintage, we believe that Halloween should be a time for turning up the volume on your diva-meter. The lipstick should be deeper; the heels should be higher.  (And that’s just the gay men!) Halloween shouldn’t be about flaunting it because you’ve got it, but rather about channeling your inner icon. Here are a few options we think may be the cure for the common costume.

Diana Ross

The original diva supreme, Miss Diana Ross is the perfect solution to what could possibly be a dull costume. With a 1960’s up-do and a fabulous sequined dress, this is the perfect costume for anyone scratching for their inner-goddess. With a subtle cat-eye and deep lipstick, all you need is a pair of opera length gloves and you are ready for any event.  Grab two girlfriends, or a willing gay couple, and complete the look with the perfect accessory; the other two Supremes.

 Diane Keaton a la Annie Hall

Women in menswear in womenswear is the ultimate switcheroo. Having revolutionized the 70’s with this gender bending look, Annie Hall is the perfect costume for fashion forwards fashionista of today. Complete the look with a tweed vest, a men’s floppy hat, and a tie. A pair of oxfords and cuffed narrow slacks top off the look to create the ideal Ms. Hall. Changing the rules a little bit never looked so good.

 Elizabeth Taylor

The late Liz Taylor knew how to work two things: a fabulous set of cat eyes and her own confidence. Any girl can put on a slutty nurse costume, but it takes a real woman to pull off classic Miss Liz. Channel your inner Cleopatra with the perfect Cat-Eye, a white Grecian dress and throw in a crown for good measure, and you too will have half of the civilized world fighting over you.

 Coco Chanel

In what could be considered the precursor to Annie Hall, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel got her start demanding that the confines put on women be stripped, and took her inspiration from the menswear of the times. From her timeless jersey knit dreses, to her classic 50’s Chanel suit, you too can splash on the No. 5 and take on this fashion powerhouse.  Complete the look with her pearls and earrings to ensure you are always thought of as a classic, timeless beauty.

 Grace Kelly

The princess of Monaco has always been a permanent style reference here at Unique Vintage. From her effortless style to her Hermes inspired “Kelly” bag, Princess Grace will always be a fabulous go-to option. Complete the look with a fabulous 50’s full skirted gown, deep red lips and a stunning pair of heels. The hair, of course, is the most important component of this look. Miss Kelly’s famous golden locks are what put her permanently on the fashion map.

Jacqueline Kennedy

The 1960’s were defined by the Kennedy White House years. Mrs. Kennedy not only turned heads as the first lady, but finally brought the 60’s into a new era of fashion. Completed with lady-like gloves, pill box hats and Chanel suits, Jackie was able to turn something political into something fabulous. Channel your inner Jackie, whether it’s formal or causal, make sure to complete the look with large black sunglasses and a head scarf.


The material girl is nothing short of a style icon. From her 1980’s pop princess looks to her classic Gaultier bra, Madonna is the icon to put all other icons to shame. Having changed her identity over 20 times in the past 25 years, Madonna has managed to stand the test of time via re-invention. Whether you choose to pay homage to the Queen in her earlier days or her modern persona, Madonna has a closet full of iconic looks for you to choose from.

-Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

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