February 14, 2013

1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses – Wives With Beehives

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1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses

In TLC’s newest creation, “Wives With Beehives,” the 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses are almost a character themselves!  The channel normally known for the exploitation of both Compulsive Hoarders and Child Beauty Pageant Contestants, now takes a look at a sect of culture we happen to be fairly familiar with.   From the haircurlers to the Tom Collins waiting for your husband when he walks in the door, the 1950’s are often fetishized in various degrees- with these ladies taking it to a mid-century extreme.

We of course have to interject our colorful commentary in regards to what the ladies were wearing.  From what we can tell, these retro looks were indeed authentic- or fabulous reproductions.  The vintage detailing in some of the looks were spot on- on both him and her.  The women have not only perfected the 1950s coif, but also managed to pull out all the stops with makeup jobs that gently scream authenticity.  And let’s not forget the men, whose looks we’re, and still are, just as important to retro culture.  From their lounge shirts to a sturdy cuffed jean, the men of the time were just as complimentary to the period as the women.

Being part of a team that daily perfects the idea of what “retro” or “vintage” may mean to a more current audience, we find ourselves stepping back and wondering when it might become too much.  At what point does modernity step in and force you to join 2013?  For instance, while we’re always a fan of light pink & blue appliances, a true housewife of the 1950’s was concerned with the latest and greatest in terms of “home technology.”  To incorporate vintage appliances into a modern era may not be in fact authentic to the 1950’s after all.   So while your 1955 Lincoln drives like a beauty, perhaps it’s high time to get yourself the latest in blenders and other general housewifery.

Much like the stilettos of the 1950’s, nostalgia can often be a little painful.  But if there is anything we have come to learn about a retro lifestyle, it’s that while you can never truly go back, you can pack up the parts you loved about the period and take it with you.  Be it design or home decor, to the obvious fashion, the 50’s may not be entirely gone.  It’s fabulous people like you and us that keep it alive as best we can.

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