January 16, 2012

A Golden Night!

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Last night, many of us were glued to our televisions as funny guy Ricky Gervais hosted the 69th annual Golden Globes in his equally funny red iridescent suit. What makes the Golden Globes somewhat unique from all the other hundreds of award ceremonies taking place these days is that all of the festivities surrounding it take place under one roof: The telecast is live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, and then all those toasted celebs and industry-types file into various ballrooms throughout the Hilton to party the night away. So imagine for a second to be a fly on the wall: One minute you’re applauding Jessica Lange for her stellar Best Supporting Actress in a series, the next minute you’re in the lobby watching the football game with Harrison Ford, and then two minutes later, you’re in the HBO post party sharing appetizers with Laura Dern. It’s kinda surreal.

Years ago, I was a reporter for Us Weekly and I was responsible for interviewing whoever I could get to talk to me at the InStyle party. I’ll never forget having Will and Grace’s Sean Hayes tell me loved my brown and pink polka dot dress, or when I accidentally called Jane Lynch “Jennifer Coolidge” (her Best in Show co-star). I was mortified, and I don’t think she appreciated the mix up.

But one thing that she told me still resonates with me even today; she couldn’t get over actually being there. These days, Jane Lynch is synonymous with her sarcastic sweatsuit sporting character, Sue Sylvester on Glee!, but at the time, she was just becoming popular and idiots like me got her name mixed up quite often. When asked what advice she had for aspiring young people, she said to do what makes you happy. That’s the only way you’ll feel true success in your life. (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea).

Such is the case for Annie Mumolo. She co-wrote the hysterical movie Bridesmaids with GG-nominated pal Kristen Wiig. She’s also a married to a very good friend of my husband’s. Last night, attending the Golden Globes was an amazing experience for her (and we are so happy for them!). Not only did she get to witness her film and TV idols accept their prizes in the flesh, watch the football game with Indiana Jones and shake Steven Spielberg’s hand on the red carpet, she stuck to what makes her happy in life; writing comedy, and it totally paid off.

xo, Robin

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo



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