March 22, 2012

First Came Planking, Then Came Tebowing, Now Comes Draping


You wouldn’t think, the yoga “plank” position would have become an internet sensation but that’s what happened when people started photographing themselves assuming that pose against endless backdrops then posting the pics all over the web. Stranger still, that trend spawned Owling (people crouching in an owl-like position) and Tebowing (people striking the prayerful pose of football player Tim Tebow). That’s not the end of it either. Now there’s Draping, too.

For this latest offshoot, fans of Mad Men are assuming the iconic Don Draper silhouette: Back to the camera; right arm extending out to the side; cigarette optional. You can see more examples of Draping on TumblrDraping on Pintrest, and Draping on Twitter. Want to share your version with AMC? Send an e-mail to or tweet it with the hashtag #Draping.


Mad Men Season 5 debuts with a special two-hour premiere on Sun., Mar. 25 at 9/8c.


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