January 10, 2012

Great Moments In Music

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I was in a bar a few months ago. It was your typical type of evening of bumping elbows with the fresh and fabulous in a hipster alcove. The drinks were strong and it was turning out to be your run of the mill evening as a twenty-something. The music, up to this point, was a nice mix of indie modernity with a little bit of classic rock thrown into the mix.  As I went in for another sip of the $15 concoction, the music went quiet. And then, with a sudden burst of 1961, the jangly opening to The Beatles “Twist & Shout” came on.  It was like opening a window into daylight; bright, harsh and a welcome change from the dark.  I started twisting, full Peggy Olsen style. Laughing and thrilled to be twisting in a bar circa now, I was elated for a full two and half minutes. A few people around me caught the mid century bug, and began to twist along. But the majority of everyone stood around in true L.A fashion; glaring at each other and talking about some pilot they were undoubtedly filming.

But there I was, in my own little world, just twisting away and thoroughly enjoying myself.  Maybe it was the drink, or maybe it was because I was perhaps a little bored, but this surge of the 60’s suddenly got me going. My love affair with the past is no secret.  But my love affair with music is due to its permanence. The past may come and go, but there is always room for a little twist, and a little shout.

The Beatles: “Twist & Shout”

 -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger

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