January 27, 2012

Mad Men Returns!


Mad Men is returning March 25th with a two-hour long premier.  Here at Unique Vintage, we couldn’t help but be ecstatic!  Having not aired a new episode since October of 2010, we are looking forward to it being a fixture of conversation at the water cooler.

From style to substance, this show has really defined the way we are able to look at the 60’s.  From a fashion perspective, the show is a rich, textured example of a true attention to detail.  The show is so finely tuned, that it often plays like a film; a difficult feat in today’s pedantic forms of television.  Mad Men stands out heads above the rest and we cannot wait any longer for these characters to return to our screens.

Join us in March when Mad Men premieres its fifth season on Sunday, March 25th on the AMC channel.

 -Stan Salas, Customer Service Connoisseur and Contributing Blogger