February 28, 2013

Oscar Looks For Less – Behind the Scenes of a Fashion News Segment!


There’s not much that can get your adrenaline pumping like a live television segment! This past Tuesday, we had the unique pleasure of experiencing that rush when five of our models showed off several Oscar “Looks for Less” on FOX TV’s Los Angeles’ morning news program “Good Day LA”. While the segment went off without a hitch and was over in just a matter of minutes, getting ready for our spotlight was another story!

At the bright and sunny albeit early hour of  7 am, the entire UV entourage made their way to the FOX 11 studios in Los Angeles. Coffee, bagels and more coffee was had by all. FYI: FOX always has Noah’s bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter for their guests. YUM!

Granted, model Kylie can roll right out of bed and look flawless. What’s up with that!? Here, our makeup artist is just adding a little pop of color and shimmer to give her a red carpet ready look.

It’s all about teamwork! Kylie’s mom is helping turn model Taylor’s hair into a cascade of curls before she slips into her Jennifer Garner look a like gown.

No wonder model Ashley brought her sister along for the segment; she needed someone to buckle her high heels for her! Haha.

Model Devon is showing off her absolutely stunning Amanda Seyfried look for less. Honestly, this dress is actually more gorgeous than the one the Les Miserables actress wore on the red carpet.
Phew! Hair curled, makeup done, shoes buckled, jewels adorned. We made it with time to kill. With all the girls ready for the camera, we quickly played paparazzi before they got whisked off to the set.
The big tease. Amanda and Ashley pose for the cameraman as Steve Edwards and Maria Sansone of Good Day LA announce what’s coming up on the program.
Who’s that handsome man standing next to Ashley? Marcellas Reynolds, Unique Vintage’s favorite TV host and fashion expert. Next to the dresses, Marcellas MADE this segment!
Unique Vintage on the background big screen! Nice to our name so big!
You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but it’s absolutely freezing in this studio! Poor Kylie must be covered in goose bumps as she glams it up for the camera in her Reese Witherspoon look for less frock.
Here, Taylor does her signature hands on her hips pose. Little do audiences know, she’s really just trying to keep her gown from falling down and giving all of Los Angeles an unexpected peep show! Oops!!! Note to self: Next time, bring more “chicken cutlets”!!!  If you didn’t see the video yet, watch it here: Oscar Looks for Less on Good Day LA!
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