February 10, 2012

Pug Thugs. Just Because.

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Yes, you know we’re dog crazy at Unique Vintage. Personally, I have a two at home that I snuggle on the couch with every night; Mickey and Maggie. Mickey, who celebrates his 2nd birthday next week (or 14th if you count it in dog years), is a Chihuahua/ Jack Russell/ Beagle melange. He might have some Dingo in him, too. We’re not sure. Maggie (bagged out on the couch above) is a full-bred 11-year-old pug. In other words, a licking, shedding, snorting, sausage on pegs. God love her, and yes, I adore her, but she snores so loud, I can hear her through the walls WITH ear plugs crammed deep into my ear drums.

Still, there is nothing like the sweet, smooshed-up punim of a pug. So when I came across this ridiculous collection of pics, I laughed so hard I think I snorted louder than Maggie does. Maybe I’m just punch drunk tired as I write this, but you gotta check out these pics. Happy Friday!

xo, Robin



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