April 29, 2013

Tatty Devine and Unique-Vintage Accessories

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We are so excited to announce that we are now carrying accessories from Tatty Devine, a British jewelry company known for their standout designs that blur the boundaries between art, fashion and culture. All of Tatty Devine’s designs are created from scratch and hand-made in their London and Kent workshops. All of their jewelry is colorful, confident and has something to say. See for yourself!

Lady & Dog Brooch, $68

The silhouette of this two-piece brooch is based on Tatty Devine’s good friend Mimi Berry and her dog Dora. There’s something very elegant about the pair, with Mimi in her cape leading rescued lurcher, Dora. The two separate brooches are joined by a gold chain dog lead, so you can play around with their positioning. Use this brooch to add a touch of elegance to a silk blouse, or pin it onto your coat lapel for an ultra elegant look. There’s something very French chic about this piece. Oui s’il vous plaît (yes please)!

Swallow Necklace, $70

Three swallow silhouettes are linked together, depicted swooping in flight. Each has a black Swarovski crystal eye. This classic necklace will migrate into your jewelry collection to become one of your favorite things to wear.

Glasses Necklace, $37

This tiny pair of glasses on a necklace makes you look like you want to be a librarian, just a little bit. Prescribe these for yourself, or a smart friend – no optician’s visit required. These doll-sized glasses are gorgeously geeky and are sure to intimidate your Scrabble opponents. Don’t you want to be the belle of book club?

Bow Tie Necklace, $42

This dainty dickie bow will keep you up to date for years to come – it’s a timeless classic! The bow has etched detailing, and the length is adjustable so it’s super versatile: wear it short like a real bow tie, or longer over different tops. You really can’t go wrong with this spiffing piece – just add a cape for instant magician chic, or a white button up and tweed trousers for the Annie Hall type. Abracadabra!

Wooden Owl Necklace, $43

This looks like something straight out of a seventies craft book. In fact, it’s been handcrafted in the Tatty Devine studio today. It’s a laser cut miniature wooden owl mask, formed from layers of different woods, all sanded and varnished by hand. The eyes have cute scalloped edges, and a tiny teardrop-shaped beak finishes the owl’s wide-eyed face. Pretty crafty, right?

Glass Slippers Necklace, $44

You shall go to the ball with the Glass Slippers Necklace. Cinderella’s favorite shoes are recreated in magical mirrored silver perspex, complete with glitter silver bows. Hung from a silver colored chain, this fairytale glass slippers necklace is perfect for trips to the theatre or nights out dancing with Prince Charming.

No matter what the occasion, these fabulous Tatty Devine pieces are sure to amp up your style. Strut your stuff like the crafty, creative, and fun loving girl we all know you are! Yes, we’re talking to you, Darling!

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