December 23, 2013

The Week In Fab or Drab: Dec 16-20

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It’s the holidays, darlings! We’ve filled up on eggnog and are feeling extra feisty this time of year.  Throw that last batch of cookies in the oven, slide into your sensible day heels and come walk with us:

Kelly Osbourne


Our dear Kelly arrived in early in the week to present her homage to red lace and Mae West! The old gal was sporting some serious makeup, while the dress made her look like she belonged under a tree this season. Thoughts? Hit it, gals!

Tara Ann: “She is adorable and beautiful. But this look? No. Her hair color clashes way too much with the bright red. The bow should go.”

Gypsi DeRushe: “I had my hair like that before. Worst 30 minutes of my life.”

Alyssa Roberts: “The poor dear just doesn’t have what it takes to be glam. Money and connections are no substitute”

Rooney Mara


Ms. Rooney graced us with her presence and her career-long tribute to Audrey Hepburn. The starlet was spotted in this streamlined look, winning our hearts almost instantly. It’s chic in every which way. Dames?

Vanessa Hines: “Dress = Fab. That particular hair style and make up on her= drab” 

Tara Anna: “I love this. The dress flatters her shape and the dark/light contrast is lovely on her. It’s a classic look mixed with a unique flair. It makes her stand out in a subtle way.”

Taye De Val: “She’s Fab to death!”

Michelle Dockery


Shelly arrived swiftly this past week to give us a dose of coat envy and did it work! That coat is quite the stunner, while she added a pop of color underneath for a little visual interest. Plus those shoes are killer. Opinions, gals! Let’s hear ‘em!

Elizabeth Bonnet: “It would be cooler if she was holding her own umbrella.”

Tara Ann: “Hair, heels, coat style and dress color are fabulous. Coat coloring and pattern scream grandma’s couch.”

Katy Cunningham: “ I love it–would like to see the dress as well!”

Naya Rivera


“Glee” star Naya Rivera is clearly the new face for Aquanet or something. Her fabulous mane made an appearance last week and was paired with a steno-pool ready pencil silhouette.  We actually adore everything going one here- hair and all.

Yvonne Hand: “She’s a beauty! I love the hair and the shoes… That’s all folks!”

Melissa Ponce: “Love every piece of the outfit! Just amazing! “

Katy Cunningham: “Love the big hair in contrast to the severe lines of the outfit. The gold cuff seals the deal. She looks fabulous.”

Jennifer Lopez


Jenny took some time off from the block to arrive in her very best frock for us last week, gals! And we adore the 1950s qualities here: all she’s missing is a turning platform and a new Chevy.  Take it away, girls!

Jackie Klump: “She would be fab in a burlap sack!!”

Tanisha Glass: “Fab fab fab, I just bought white shoes last week myself. Not dressing for the season, dressing for my mood. She looks fantastic!”

Well there you have it, dames! Another fabulous week and you gals were in no mood to mince words! Make sure to shimmy over to Facebook daily to participate and check the UV Blog every Monday for our weekly recap!

Now fire up the Hot Toddies and let’s go caroling!

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