December 16, 2013

The Week in Fab or Drab: Dec. 9-13

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Welcome back, darlings! Take your coat off, put your purse down and grab a cocktail! We have a lot of ground to cover and even more eggnog to sip.  Sit down and let’s get started, shall we?

Dame Helen Mirren


She really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t she? Dame Helen was spotted in a pristine plaid this past week and looked every bit the season.  We adore a good plaid, don’t you gals? Let’s see what you thought:

Ashley Parker: “Almost 70 and still a total babe. Always fab”

Shana Schorch: “Soooooooooooooo fab!”

Posilita Guachinou: “Too much jewellery for my taste. I would take those earrings off. The rest is absolutely perfect!”


Jenna Malone


Ms Jenna Malone stopped by briefly while promoting her latest film, “Catching Fire.” And while the dress isn’t particularly heating us up, her homage to the last 50 years of eyeliner is giving us heart palpations- in a good way! Thoughts?

Jennifer Jones: “ I think the dress is lovely on her and I like her makeup but the hair could have been softer -perhaps a halo of tiny curls around her head would have been nice.”

Evan Finley: “God I love her”

Leanna Upton: “Looks like prison issue retro wear. Drab!”


Lupita Nyongo’O


Newcomer Lupita Nyong’O arrived this week in a seasonally appropriate winter white frock- complete with a darling little bow! First impressions really are everything, aren’t they dames? We adore such a chic little look. Hit it, gals!

Margaret Laundry: “Gorgeous. I would love to see some pearls on her though. “

Rose Vance: “ Beautiful dress worn by a stunning lady. Classy and classic.”



Kirsten Dunst


Wave hello to Kiki, gals! She’s done up in dots and not on speaking terms with her hot rollers anymore.  Ms. Dunst, normally a favorite of ours, was spotted looking like she drove to the film premiere with the top down in gale force winds.  The dress is stunning, however. Ladies?

Sarah Wiley: “Dont mind the hair so much but the shoes bleh. couldve chosen a nice red or green”

MozzyDee Fuentes: “Yeah, not a fan of the “messy hair” look. I prefer polished and together. And I agree about the shoes! Red pumps would’ve looked better.”

Nikki Bridger: “It looks like she had her hair done in the morning and the event wasn’t until the afternoon/evening. My hair looks like this when it falls out, even if all my windows are up”


George Clooney


Darlings, George Clooney wrapped up our week and coerced us right into the weekend.  And to top it off, he hit it right on the dot with this editorial for W Magazine! We love a man with a sense of style to match his sense of humor. Go, gals, go!

Tanisha Glass: “Dottedly it works, love George Clooney!”

Leanna Upton: “A sexy guy with a wicked sense of humor is even more sexy..”

Kathleen Wade: “dang, even George rocks dots! He’s gooooood ….”


Well there you have it, darlings! Another week gone by and you dames clearly filled your purses with opinions.  Finish up your glass of Eggnog and talk amongst yourselves.  We’ll be back next Monday with a weekly wrap up! And join us daily on Facebook to be part of our chic little conversation.

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