October 28, 2013

The Week In Fab or Drab: Oct 21-25

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Welcome back, gals! We just finished fastening our girdles and now we’re ready to take a look at last week! There’s a lot of ground to cover, so wear your comfortable heels!

Dita Von Teese


Nothing quite fixes any Monday like Miss Dita, darlings! The fabulous Von Teese was spotted in a hurry in this fantastically 40s inspired little look! As per usual, Dita never fails to amaze us in each and every way. You all clearly felt the same:

Jessica Larson: “Does this woman ever sneak out of the house in sweats or yoga pants…evahhhh?? lol Love me some Dita but i can’t help but just to see her once not perfectly coiffed and attired. Otherwise i’m going to stick with my theory that she is a beautiful alien!”

Mary K. Hoover: “Love her dress & glasses… spot on!”

Michelle Dunbar: “Now THAT is how it’s done!”

Tina Fey


All around funny girl, Tina Fey, was spotted last week in our timeless favorite: black lace! Ms. Fey certainly impressed us with her Audrey-esque cocktail look and kept things fabulously simple with accessories. Retro applause, dear. Let’s see what you had to say !

Jessica Silcox: “Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous lady!”

Rebecca Breaks: “Red with either a belt or shoes and maybe a red lip would have made this killer”

Elizabeth Brand: “A wide red belt would have looked amazing. I love Tina Fey.”

Anne Hathaway


Ms. Hathaway finally received the memo regarding “Pink Wednesdays” here at UV! Our dear Anne was spotted in this marvelously Mod number, completed with her Rosemary’s Baby haircut.  We just adore a divine pink! Hit it, gals!

Bobbi Gill: “Absolutely FAB … But, she could be bald & wear cotton balls, saran wrap & spray paint & look amazing”

Kacey Hayes: “ I think the dress could be more tailored, but the color and her hair and makeup are fab!”

Tina Crossgrove: “I feel as though Ms. Hathaway could wear a potato sack and look glamorous.”

Michelle Pfeiffer


Where has THIS gal been hiding!? Michelle Pfeiffer was spotted last week in this absolutely fabulous LBD and we cried tiny little retro tears of joy for her! A classic portrait neckline, full skirt and textured black? Sign us up! While we adored the dress, you gals had a follicle fixation you had to work through, clearly.

Amy Gee: “ Beautiful dress. Hair does need to be amped up though.”

Sandy Osieski: “Love that dress! With that neckline? An up-do.”

Laurel Hayward: “Beautiful dress. Hair needs to step it up a couple of notches though!”

Charlize Theron


Darlings! Miss Charlize was kind enough to grace our Friday dressed like a Disney villain and we simply adored all of this! That back! Those shoulder details! And all in a slinky, 1930s silhouette? An inspiration and a fabulous way to wrap up the week. Opinions, gals!

Linda Torrence: “That dress is gorgeous!!!! And she looks stunning”

Kayliese Ouderkirk: “NO WIRE HANGERS!” -Joan Crawford Mommie Dearest”

Sarah Thompson: “Tres chic.”

Well there you have it, gals! Another wonderfully opinionated week! Make sure to join us daily on FB as we take a peek at the most fab or tragically drab looks of the week! And join us every Monday for a ravishing little recap!

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