September 30, 2013

The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept. 23-27

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Welcome back, darlings! Hopefully everyone had a restful weekend. Apply your last layer of foundation and grab your stockings- we’ve got another week to take a look back on! It was the Emmys and our red carpet wrap up went swimmingly. Let’s see how you did, shall we?

Christina Hendricks


Is there a more fabulous way to start the week? Mrs. Hendricks was spotted looking divinely ravishing on the red carpet and stunned us, darlings! The hair! The dress! Yes to all of it. Let’s see if you dames agreed with us…

Liberty Belle: “She looks like a real woman. Hot as coals.”

Ahsley Anglin: “Whatever foundation garment/s she is working, i really want the same for myself!”

Deborah Patrick: “Always a class act, and knows her style. “Joan” for the win!”

Allison Williams


The “Girls” star was spotted in this fabulously retro frock- dotted to perfection! The dress is begging for big, big hair- isn’t it? While we have a strong word with Allison’s hair team, let’s see what you gals had to say!

Lee Harington: “ Lovely and FAB! “

Latoya Mozell: “The dress is pretty enough. The length seems a bit odd, or maybe it’s just the pics…”

Stephanie Fucito: “FAB!!!”

Elizabeth Moss


It’s Peggy Olson, gals! And she’s all grown up! The “Mad Men” star was another one of our best-dressed for the Emmys last week and she gave us fabulous chills in this high-contrasted number.  Audrey Hepburn is somewhere having a cocktail and applauding Lizzie. Thoughts?

Katie Murphy: “I love the haircut and color on her!”

Marissa Ammer: “I love the overall look. In a close up photo i saw, the skirt almost looked quilted. It made it look heavy and weighed down.”

Caron Palmer: “ FAB!!!”

January Jones


The ever lovely Ms. Jones was spotted last week giving us her very best Grace Kelly and we applauded the dame for it! The dress is a little pale for our tastes, but even the divine Betty Draper is making this whole thing work for us! And that hair, darlings? Perfection.

Cayley Loeffer: “She could make a potato sack look elegant.”

Katie Brady: “ Amazing, but i would like it better on her in a different color. otherwise, flawless.”

Katie Murphy: “I don’t get why people hate the color…I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Dusty pink is gorgeous on pale skin. It’s a very ethereal color combination”

Zooey Deschanel


The always a-dork-able Zooey was spotted last week in this 60s stunner and we couldn’t help but salute the old gal! The dress is stunning in its own rite (that slit, gals!) But we absolutely LOVE her hair here. The hardest working bangs in show business! Let’s see how you ladies felt.

Jana Rose Arts: “Umm, the epitome of fab!”

Misti Lee: “Breath of fresh air”

Allison Stewart: “Fabulous!! Perfect!”

Well there you have it, darlings! Another week gone by and you ladies proved you have enough opinions to fill a handbag! Join us on Facebook everyday for a little daily discussion regarding all things fab or drab! And we’ll see you here next week for our lovely little wrap up!

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