September 16, 2013

The Week In Fab or Drab: September 9-13

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Welcome back, darlings! Did you go and get a manicure like we discussed?  Those french tips were a great idea. Let’s embark on another little journey of Fab or Drab, shall we? This week was chock full of divine opinions and it’s high time we show you dames off! Hit it, ladies!

Gretchen Mol


We’ve loved this gal since she was the notorious Bettie Page! And it’s fabulous to see her try on a little Marilyn! There’s a lot to be said for a fantastic red wiggle dress and a blonde finger wave. It’s worked for decades for a reason, darlings! Let’s see what you thought.

Pamela Tseteranos: “Love her! “

Diana Mejia: “Fab!”

Hilary Swank


Where has this one been hiding? Ms. Hilary Swank came roaring back on the scene recently in this wild little number. A simple A-line goes a long way, but we love the pop of print! Give this gal a can of hairspray and a cat-eye- then we’ll be in business. Thoughts?

Stephanie Schmidt: “Love it!!”

Ashley Parker: “Fab!”

Kerry Lee Dickey: “This is one of those dresses that looks fab on her but would be drab on me… She looks great!”

Scarlett Johansen


Ms. Johansen was spotted last week giving us some major Elizabeth Taylor  on the red carpet. She gave us a little jewelry envy as well! The cut of the dress is dramatically fabulous, while that statement necklace is beyond perfection. What’s missing? Bigger hair, gals!

Jeanie Goode: “Grace, class, exquisite!”

Nora Stays-Current: “Absolutely stunning, anyone saying elsewise is misguided. Sorry folks! This isn’t the 40′s (which is a time period I adored) She looks perfectly fabulous for the modern day & age!”

Melanie Seiler: “Stunning gown! I bet it would look amazing in classic red with matching lipstick. I wish she had at least opted for the red lip here”

Juliette Lewis


Darlings? This dress? Someone find this for us immediately! A fabulous hue of gold with an even more divine amount of detail at the shoulders. The 1940s are alive and well, gals. Hit it!

Raven Nielsen: “I wish the dress were GREEN and she had victory rolls!”

Josie Han: “Quite Katharine Hepburn!”

Roshay Brooks: “ Beautiful!!!! (Just don’t turn sideways)”

Nicole Kidman


There’s a lot to be said for a fabulous cocktail jacket and cigarette pants! Ms. Kidman is channeling her Grace Kelly divinely and those killer heels deserve a parade of their own. What a fantastic way to top off the week! Opinions, ladies! We need them like we need shape wear.

Lisa Morningstar: “SO fab! I love a good pantsuit and she pulls it off flawlessly.” 

Wyckid Lily: “Is that a lacy inset or is that embroidery? I can’t tell… either way it’s fantastic! She typically rocks it!”

Kathi McAdam: “FAB!! Ohhhh to be able to carry off this look!!!”

Well there you have it, darlings! Sharpen your nails and shimmy over to Facebook to join in on this weeks discussion! We’ll see you next Monday for a little recap.

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