August 26, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: Aug 12-16

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Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab, darlings! After a restful weekend, you dames came fully stocked with opinions that could fill a few handbags. Throw on your stilettos and come walk with us as we take a peek at this week!

Lily Collins


The young starlet was photographed in this divine white number and we swooned over that lace trim! How rare to see a gal with sleeves these days! We had nothing but praise for Lily and fabulous shoes. Let’s see what you gals thought…

Denielle Sorcigili: “Hello Fabulous!”

Tina Crossgrove: “I’m torn about the sleeves–I wish I would see the back better because I think I’d love the sleeves if the back were lower than the front (maybe shoulder blade level?). That being said, this is a beautiful dress nonetheless and she wears it with style and grace.”

Erica Strahon: “Absolutely fab”

Kate Upton


Model extraordinaire Kate Upton is gracing the pages of ELLE Magazine this month and pin-ed up for our pleasure! While normally known for her swimsuit body, Ms. Upton surprised us with her Veronica Lake hair and Liz Taylor eyebrows! Thoughts?

Oahny Pham: “No one in their right mind would call these pics drab. She’s stunning in that style.”

Elba Demko: “She is a gorgeous woman. Congrats on all her success!”

Casey Mae: “Love the onesie she is rocking on the right! Hubba Hubba!”

Christina Hendricks1170773_10151760731851897_1787943725_n

Our favorite red-head got some serious UV love this week. We honored her with a UV Icon title and she returned the favor by stepping out in public looking this flawless. From the new sassy little bob, to the cherry red dress- even Joan Holloway would be proud! Let’s hear it, gals!

Matise Martinez: “Those with style always break the “rules”. Love”

Natalie A. Harms: “I love a red head who knows what looks good on her. Kudos!”

Jessica Renea: “her breasts are GLOR I US !!!” (They really are the breast, aren’t they?)

Sophie McShera


Ms. Sophie McShera traded her “Downton Abbey” garb and transported us right to a steno pool in 1963! Not only does Sophie have the perfect hourglass shape for this dress, but her decision to wear a fairly conservative floral print dress gets major points from us! Give her a dramatic cat eye and a beehive and we’ll be in business! Hit it, dames!

Letisha Brooks: “I’m sure the dress is helping, but what a gorgeous hourglass shape she has! love it.”

Helene Smati: “Love the cut and the fit….Hate the couch-fabric!”

Sally Dupre: “She is rockin’ that dress.”

Dita Von Teese


A woman who clearly needs no introduction. Ms. Dita was spotted in this DIVINE 1930s inspired gown and we were fanning ourselves in her fabulosity for about an hour. As per usual, you gals followed in suit.

Karen Lennon: “When is Dita ever drab?”

Rachel Byers: “Vacation for the eyes indeed! Always lovely, always stunning!”

Caitlin Harvey: “She’s ridiculously ageless. “

Well there you have it, darlings! Make sure to shimmy your divine self over to Facebook to throw in your two cents daily. Missed your chance to weigh in last week? Comment below – what do you think of these looks? Fab or Drab?

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