August 27, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: August 19-23

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Welcome back, darling! We love your hair.

After a full week of starlets and harlots, we are back again with a little recap of what you dames had to say! And as per usual, your opinions we’re like our bra’s: firm and necessary. Let’s take a peek!

Ginnifer Goodwin



The “Once Upon A Time” star was spotted this week looking ever so twee and we just adored it. Mia Farrow was somewhere smiling with the slightest of glee. Let’s see what you gals thought!

Tina Washburn: “Love her and her hair!”

Koala Bear: “Ensemble: Perfectly Executed.”

Jennifer Chapman: “Drab, maybe its the hair but not my cup of tee. She would look so adorable with a pencil skirt and cardigan.”

Rachel McAdams



Ms. Regina George herself was spotted this week with Dusty Springfield hair and we loved all of it. The dress is almost reminiscent of a 1930s Schiaparelli with a hint of Mod splashed in for good measure. We approve, regardless. Did you ladies?

Seara Kouhout: “Fab then I noticed the top of the dress is a big w and now its all I see lol still cute though”

Angie Leahy: “Love the hair and the top of the dress, but I think the bottom is too short. It would have looked way more elegant and polished if it was to the floor. “

Astare Gannon: “She looks FAB, until you see the black toilet paper stuck in her panties…that tail has got to go.” (well played, dear)

Oprah Winfrey


Ms. Oprah herself was spotted this week in our favorite color and we couldn’t help but applaud. From the body-con dress to the Diana Ross hair, we wholeheartedly were excited about this look. Chime in, gals!

Kathi McAdam: “Fab, fab, fab!!”

Laura Britt Cherrito: “Drab – looks like a bottle of Pepto”

Robyn Ashcroft: “And on wednesdays we wear pink!” (She can sit with us.)

Cyrstal Reed



The young starlet strutted out in this two piece pant suit and we fanned ourselves at the sight of cigarette pants! Finally, darlings! Throw in her Jackie Kennedy hair and we were beside ourselves. Separates, ladies. It’s all about separates this fall! Let’s hear those opinions!

Gretchen Buss: “LOVE the hair!! And the pants with a solid top would have been a better option. Too busy.”

Elizabeth Conroy: “I love it! it’s good also with the red lips”

Chrissy Jean: “Fabness!”

Lily Collins



Audrey 2.0 was spotted this week and was giving us the chills in this LBD ensemble! The hair! Those eyebrows! We simply adore this gal to pieces. Let’s see if you dames share the love…

Jackie Garcia: “Lovely porcelain skin and her hair is rockin.”

Melissa Goldstein: “This girl is absolutely gorgeous!!”

Jesselee Rubel: “Her porcelain skin is beautiful. Not everyone wants to bake themselves into a crisp and end up looking like a leather couch by the time they’re 30. Not that being tan is a bad thing, just the obsession of it.” (Preach, girl.)

Well there you have it- another week, another makeup bag full of opinions. Join us here every Monday as we take a little peek at the musings of our divine darlings!

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