September 3, 2013

This Week in Fab or Drab: August 26-30

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Welcome back, dear! You look rested.

As we wrap up summer and beat the record heat, you gals had opinions to spare this week and weren’t afraid to share! Let’s kick things off, shall we?

Taylor Swift

Following quite the eventful evening at the MTV VMA awards, Ms. Swift arrived to us on Monday with quite a stunning ensemble. From the dress to the hair, we were sold! That is how you do glamour, gals! Let’s see what you all had to say.

Jen Jenkins: “Not a fan of hers (at all) but she looks amazing! This is the best she’s ever looked. Ever. Kudos to her stylists!”

Elizabeth Wilbanks: “At first glimpse I thought it was Charlize Theron who manages to almost always have amazing style. Good on this girl for looking classy in a mostly classless award show.”

Katie Brady: “ Flawless look, she could drop the over used hand-on-waist pose though….”

Olivia Wilde


Ms. Wilde breezily met us on Tuesday in this stunningly chic all white ensemble.  Clean, polished and tea length- it’s like a list of our favorite things. Let’s see what you dames thought!

Brittany Richmond: “I’m not to big on accessories. I like that she kept it simple. She has such great facial features and I think this dress kept that the focal point.”

McCall Doyle: “ Love it. Her make up is striking, and she has the delicate bracelet, sandals, ad a ring that complete the look.”

Christina Hendricks

Dalrings, if there’s two things we are firm believers in, they’re good undergarments and a pristine LBD. Ms. Christina Hendricks arrived on Wednesday stunning us as per usual in this fabulous little cocktail number. Our favorite redhead strikes again! Hit it, gals!

Cayley Loeffler: “There’s no such thing as a drab Christina Hendricks.”

Miriam O’Jewelry: “I love this-its sexy and yet covered up!”

Jonathan Hayes: “Hello, Red!!”

Hollan Roden

That’s right, dolls! Taffeta hostess pants! Complete with a matching overskirt and beaded top! Once we picked ourselves up off the ground from sheer joy, we wanted to see how you ladies felt about the bygone trend. What we got was a resounding “YES.”

Suzy West: “Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I loved those when I was a kid, and I still love them as an adult.”

Catharine Watts: “Totally agree with the Lucille Ball comparison – I would totally rock this with a smaller skirt “

Debbie Schow: “I love this look, not easy to pull of in white, but she rocks it..”

Amber Heard

Ms. Amber was giving us face within the pages of The Edit and we think the whole Deneuve drag suits her well! We would give up our hot roller privileges for those leopard pants and those heels. It really was a fabulous way to wrap up the week

FayFaye Moonwillow: “Fabulous! I just wish I could pull off that tight black dress!” (We wish our name was FayFaye Moonwillow..)

Lori Powell: “She’s gorgeous. Always fab!”

Well that about does it, dames! Pour yourself a congratulatory glass of gin and get ready for another full week of opinions and general fabulousness!

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