August 12, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: August 5 – 9

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Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab, darlings! You emptied all of your opinions out of your purse and threw them around generously!  Let’s take a peek at this week, shall we?

Katy Perry


Ms. Perry looked a little blue at the premiere of the Smurf’s film, but between her retro dress and divine hairstyle, we had a winner on our hands. Let’s check in with you dames!

Amber Pare: “Fab! I would wear the whole outfit (including the hair style) if I could!”

Kathryn Sylvia: “Fab but my only thought was if there was ever a time to rock the blue hair the smurf movie premiere was it love the style should have been blue though”

Angela Christine McGuire: “She actually looks nice for once.” (ouch)


Sienna Miller


Ms. Miller arrived last week in this garden of a dress and while we thought the dress was fresh, her hair may have needed a a few curlers and a can of hairspray. Let’s see what you had to say about this follicle situation.

Mary K. Hoover: “Fabulous dress… but that hair needs some ooomph & va va voom!”

Pamela Stone Vozza: “Agreed – adorable dress but some soft curls would take the whole look up a notch!”

Kaitlyn Ae: “I love either way I love her hair the way it is, and I would love it curled, and of course j’adore her dress”

Kelly Osbourne


We quoted “Grease” and we’ll say it again: your hair looks like an Easter egg! Ms. Kelly cha-cha’d her way over to us last week in this fabulous pop of color-  and you gals had a handful of opinions!

Ashley Williams: “Absolutely LOVE the dress, still LOVE the hair . . . but NOT loving them together!”

Misti Cobb: “Love the color of her hair, hate the style. Love the color and style of the dress, hate it with the color of her hair!”

Darlene Wendel- Nitzscheke: “Dress- yes. Hair- ahem. I believe she was going for ladylike, but achieved something much closer to cartoon character.”

Hailee Steinfeld


The young starlet arrived last week in this marvelously Mod dress- complete with an all-over eye print! We thought it was the focal point- let’s see what you folks had to say!

Laura Binninger: “She wore this to Comicon, perfectly appropriate for the venue and her age. Classy and adorable.”

Tina Crossgrove: “This is adorable and age appropriate. I like that the eyes feel very Schiaparelli/Salvador Dali”

Savannah Payne: “I love it! Super cute, the color is great for her features and the style is cool for her age; it’s really funky and hip, I love it!”

Crystal Reed


And lastly, the fabulous Ms. Crystal Reed arrived in this STUNNER of a dress! From the florals to the hair, the whole thing screams 2013 Hepburn and we adore that. Thoughts? Let’s hear ‘em!

Patrice Ashbaugh: “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!”

Tina Maxwell: “Definitely FAB!!! I want one!”

Angela Massey: “FAB!!”

There you have it, dames! Join us on Facebook for a daily discussions as we take a peek at things modernly vintage and retro inspired! Didn’t get a chance to weigh in last week? Add in your Fab or Drab opinions below!

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