February 17, 2014

This Week in Fab or Drab: Feb 10-14

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Welcome back, darlings! It was another fabulous week of Valentine’s Day themed outfits and the stars of today brought out their very best reds & pinks! As per usual, you dames had some very serious opinions to share! Heels on- come walk with us this morning!

AnnaSophia Robb


Mini Carrie Bradshaw was kicked off our week of love in this stunner of a gown! The black and red color combo is always a staple around these parts and continued to wow us. However, a set of hot rollers might have been the solution here. You ladies seemed to agree on this one.

MarLyn Marlyn: “Fab face and figure but drab hair. Needs attention.”

Ashley Parker: “ That dress is gorgeous!”

Katy Cunningham: “*yawn*”


Amy Adams


The divine Ms. Amy was spotted in her best Katharine Hepburn pants and we adored every minute of it, gals! Yes, there is FAR too much red happening in these pictures. But we can’t stay mad at one of our favorite redheads. Hit it, dames!

Janet Reed: “Fab. And coming off the cusp of ‘American Hustle’, perhaps she was going for Studio 54.”

Kate Childers: “Looks like an Elvis jump suit circa 1970 from these pictures. Hating the bell bottoms.”

Jennifer Clagett: “Not something everyone could do – but she does. She looks great. Nothing wrong with stepping outside the box!”


January Jones


Our dear Betty Draper arrived on Pink Wednesday in this little ensemble and we had some very serious coat-envy.  The all white suit underneath is a little clinical but in a fabulous way. And as expected, you gals had a purse-full of opinions!

Katy Cunningham: “ I love it. Grace Kelly meets Katharine Hepburn.”

Haley Beets: “Very crisp! I do wish the pants were more of a cigarette style since the coat is so boxy.”

Leana Upton: “Love the coat but the shirt and slacks? Looks like Betty’s gonna go wash floors in a hospital”


Tina Fey


Arriving fabulously for New York Fashion Week, Ms. Tina Fey threw on her best 50s secretary drag and greeted the crowds! We’re oddly fond of this whole outfit- down to the cheeky little glasses. But you dames thought otherwise:

Kerry Lee Dickey: “I adore Tina Fey but this outfit does not work. I love originality and things don’t have to match but they should complement each other. This look falls flat for me.”

Jessie Warren: “I just think the glasses are a little drab. Otherwise adorable.”

Sylvia Cunningham: “I don’t think we would have mixed the print skirt with the plaid (or whatever pattern that is) coat in the 50s. No way.”


Dita Von Teese


Our retro godmother arrived fabulously to be our Valentine on Friday and graced us with her very best in 1940s appeal! The fabulous Dita, darlings! From that divine crop to the stunning separates, there was simply a lot of gasping around the UV headquarters. And as expected, you gals joined in:

Erica Strahon: “The girl knows how to dress. Always beautiful and a modern inspiration.”

Angela McGuire: “Gorgeous and fabulous as always!”

Melissa Goldstein: “I love Dita!!!!”


Well there you have it! Another fabulous week and you only ripped a few outfits to shreds. We’re so very proud of you! Make sure to join us daily on Facebook as we peek in on retro-inspired celebrity style! And come back every Monday for the weekly wrap up!

-The UV Team

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