August 5, 2013

This Week in Fab or Drab: July 29 – August 2

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Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab! This week, opinions were flowing like our gin on a saturday night. Let’s see how you gals did this week, shall we?

Naya Rivera



The “Glee” starlet was spotted this past week in this candy-coolred confection and was serving up the 1950s in the most fabulous way possible. We thought Ms. Rivera was channeling her inner Marilyn- let’s see what you gals had to say!

Natalie Harms: “How dare you even ask that question, she is absolutely stunning!”

Kat Lambourne: “Definitely more of butt dress then boob dress, I love the color though!”

Jennifer Gee: “Calm the hell down everyone. she looks amazing”

Rachel Bilson



Ms. Bilson appeared to us mid-week and proved that a good cat eye is a gals best friend.  The dress however was a fabulous little number- reminiscent of the 60s. Hit it, ladies!

Charlotte Garbutt: “It looks like a super hero cape is on the back of her dress.”

Heather Roni: “I love the color, length, and flower embellishments. I’d have gone a little easier on the eyeliner, but I can overlook that. But what’s up with the post-modern bustle on that thing?”

Amy Perkins: “She’s pretty, but that added poofiness in the dress makes even skinny minnies like her appear to be bigger than they actually are!”

Helen Mirren


Dame Mirren graced us with her presence and you darlings collectively lost it. We blame her sassy little fan and her jungle red dress. Opinions out, gals!

Lexie Searle: “One must always carry a fan. I have such a girl crush on her!”

Donna Marie Hume: “Could have been a tad shorter. The woman has great legs and can absolutely afford to show them. Otherwise, stunning.”

Briana Shackley: “When I am her age I hope to be like 1/10 as smoking as she is!”

Cate Blanchett


Ms. Blanchett arrived from 1935 to show us how it’s done, dears! We instantly thought Greta Garbo or Jean Harlow with this dress and the divine Cate delivered in every which way! Let’s see what you dames thought.

Retro Ricki: “Very beautiful. Very modern ’30s. Wish the neckline was a little more interesting, but still pretty!”

April McCool: “A nice silhouette, but she is far to pale to wear white near her face and I agree, the neckline is boring.”

Dawn-Michelle Fanberg: “FAB! She can do no wrong In anything.”

Christina Ricci


Now here is a gal we don’t see enough of! Ms. Ricci was spotted shimmying her way in the streets of NYC and we loved every bit of it, gals! And those shoes?! The gal deserved a round of applause and some flowers.

Gigi Garcia: “Hands down FAB!!!”

Elizabeth Todd: “Fab. I like the off set color of the shoes , very smart.”

Sara Sliter: “Fab! i love mixing patterns. She could use some lipstick, but looks great otherwise!”

Well there you have it, darlings! Another week and another excuse to form fabulous opinions.  Join us next Monday when we take a peek at the latest musings from our divine dames.

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