November 18, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: Nov 11-15

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Welcome back, darlings! Did you miss us? We’ve applied our last layer of eyeliner and have hoisted our girdles on for another fabulous week! It was a shorter week last week. but you dames managed to cram 5 days of opinions into 4. That’s why you’re divine. Let’s begin, shall we?

Dita Von Teese


How’s that for a week starter? Miss Dita was spotted at the Melbourne Cup last week in this FABULOUS ensemble- complete with her signature Phillip Treacy hat! The cup is a little something like Derby Day here in the states and the divine Von Teese really did bring it. Let’s see what you thought:

Miren Leroy: “I think it’s impossible for Dita to not be completely fabulous.”

Jessie Crowe: “The suit is perfection. The hat looks like someone slapped her in the side of the face with a flower-pie.”

Marianna Cooke: “Extravagant hats are the way to go and Dita nails it every time she attends”

Taylor Swift


Ms. Swift took time out of her busy schedule of being generally adorable to give us a Grace Kelly moment on the red carpet last week. That dress, dames! It’s stunning.  And the minimal accessorizing really worked in her favor. Hit it, ladies!

Crystal Dion: “She gets a standing ovation from me. That dress is beyond fabulous!”

Jo Connor: “Nice dress, she’ll probably write a song about it. “

Debra Lee Anderson: “Comparing her to Grace Kelly may be disagreeable to some but let me tell you- I am proud of her as she has kept her grace ,poise and class as a star.

Natalie Portman


How chic is this, gals? Ms. Natalie Portman was spotted last week in a minimal dress and slingback heels. Once we revived ourselves, we realized that no one was better to take Audrey Hepburn’s throne than Ms. Natalie. Simple and to the point fashion- just how we like it. Dames?

Alex Duchscher: “Natalie Portman always looks elegant. Her classic style suits her to a T!”

Emily Newland: “At first sight, I didn’t care for it, but after seeing the back I love it! So cute.”

Margaret Laundry: “I wish this dress had a slightly more defined waistline from the front, but regardless it’s still adorable. Love it.”

Amy Adams


Oh, DARLINGS! Miss Amy Adams won all the awards this week with her fabulous homage to Rita Hayworth and hot rollers! That bronze is stunning on her and her hair & makeup game is on point. Top it off with those shoes? We are giving her a 1940s style round of applause.

Laura Jones: “Perfectly Fabulous, Darling!”

Angela McGuire: “Perfect hair and dress!”

Allie Gagon: “ LOVE”

Well there you have it, gals! Another week and a purse full of opinions! Make sure to join us next Monday when we recap a full week of fabulous!

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