November 4, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: Oct. 28- Nov. 1st

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Welcome back, darlings! Did you miss us? We’ve just finished up starching our petticoats and we’re just about ready to greet this week- stiletto’s first! Splash on some Shalimar and come walk with us as we peek into your divine opinions from last week!

Natalie Portman


Ms. Portman arrived early in the week with a full gala-skirt and a chic little Hepburn-style top. Both nifty & fifties, gals! We particularly love the shape of the skirt paired with such a simple, albeit classic, top! However, that metallic fabric may be a little too space age for such a petite gal. Let’s see what you had to say, dames:

Katy Cunningham: “She needs an eye-catching belt and a non-reflective black bra. The camera flash highlights her chest. And maybe some sparkly cuffs? It just looks a little unfinished”

Alina Prado: “Its nice to see a woman covered n classy … sometimes I like vintage styles better… Im not sure about the print on bottom but I like the shape”

Summer Coyle: “I think she looks perfect and her outfit is gorgeous. She doesn’t need anything else. Less is more. Adding bling would look tacky.”

Carrie Underwood


Our favorite honky-tonk gal, Ms. Carrie Underwood, was spotted last week in this DIVINE little frock. Not only is it a fabulous shade of cerulean, but the embellishments are straight out of the 1950s.  Paired with perfect accessories? We smell a winner!

Missi Walker: “Great color on her and I think she rocks it.”

Vivian Barillas: “This dress ugh I luv it!!! My fav color “

Kate Beckinsale


Darlings, somewhere Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth are high-fiving at a makeup counter in the sky.  Ms. Beckinsale was spotted in this vivaciously fabulous, red hot stunner! A slinky cocktail dress, complete with a 1940s style cut and bombshell slit up the side? We’d like one in every color.

Amber Scott: “Meeow!!!”

Gwynn Adams: “I’d marry this woman. “

Sophia Estrada: “I just love her.”

Michelle Williams


Shelly Williams stopped by briefly last week to give us an an Audrey dress with Mia Farrow hair and we just about fell to pieces. That dress is the very definition of a classic LBD, while her hair is pristinely perfect! The epitome of chic, darlings!

Chris Sanchez: “Didn’t Renee Zellweger have a dress like this! I like this!”

Laurel Hayward: “She looks unhappy and uncomfortable in that dress. The top portion looks kind of awkward. I say drab. Not suited to her very slender body.”

Dita Von Teese


Is there a better way to wrap up a week, gals? The fabulous Dita graced us with her presence to coast us right into a fabulous weekend. The gown is PERFECTION, isn’t it? From the color to the detailing? When does this women get it wrong? The answer is never. Let’s see how hard you gals swooned for Miss Dita.

Carol Spears: “She is a beautiful. Every photo of her shows a glamorous woman who knows exactly what suits her.”

Angela McGuire: “Stop being so perfect, Dita!”

Stephanie Bonaparte: “Always perfection”

Well there you have it, dames! Another fabulous week gone by and we know you gals spent all weekend sharpening your claws for this week! Shimmy over to Facebook for a daily dose of beauty and throw your opinion in the ring! Join us next Monday when we wrap up another divine week!

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