September 25, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 16-20

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Good morning, darlings! You look rested and ready for another week of divine opinions. Last week, we tackled New York Fashion Week and the retro-inspired looks on the stars and starlets. Let’s kick things off, shall we?

Katie Holmes


That’s right, dears. The former Mrs. Cruise was spotted front row in Betty Draper’s skirt and we FELL IN LOVE! The whole things was fabulously fifties and suited her so well. While we give her hair stylist a stern talking to, let’s see what you gals had to say!

Danielle Sorcigili: “The pictures of her sitting are extremely flattering! But do agree that the skirt should have a fuller waistband for a more retro look. Still fabulous though!”

Heather Roni: “I like the cut and style of both skirt and top, but HATE the color choice if the top. Pea soup. “

Kim Martinez-Cleary: “FABULOUS! !!!!! 100%”

Jessica Alba


Miss Jessica Alba arrived briefly on Tuesday and you gals proceed to lose it. All for a good reason, however! Not since “Rear Window” have we seen a chiffon skirt applied so masterfully. Grace Kelly snaps for Ms. Alba. Thoughts?

Deborah Howard Patrick: “Awesome. on all counts.”

Brianna Shackley: “I love it! The cut of the sweater and the contrast of textures is amazing! Her hair is elegant and simple. Her bag is cute as well. I wouldn’t expect a long chiffon skirt to really be day wear but it works fabulously here!”

Nora Stays-Current: “She looks like the original Barbie. Stunning and chic.”

Dita Von Teese


Miss Dita arrived mid-week to boost our spirits and give us a dose of 1940s screen goddess. Needless to say, it worked. The fabulous Von Teese was spotted in this stunner and we swooned all over the place. Take it away, darlings!

Monica Ramirez: “She looks great, but she could be wearing a trash bag and still look flawless!!”

Melissa Edmunnson: “She has found a syle (era) she loves & it looks great on her! She is always lovely! Wish I had more that figure or even just knew where she found her fabulous clothes. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look feminine.”

Danielle Marie Hendricks: “She had gotten some flack for this outfit but I love it. It’s tailored great and I love the bottom.”

Kelly Osbourne


We couldn’t decide between these two cocktail frocks, so we let you gals decide. Personally, we would take the glasses on the left and pop them on the dress on the right. You got the chance to play stylist- let’s see how you did!

Wendy Bearden: “These look great on her. personally, the left dress with the detail looks more flattering on her figure  she’s got gorgeous curves!!”

Mary K. Hoover: “LOVE her hair color, both outfits are stunning…but think I love the sparkly black number best!”

Brianna Shackley: “The dresses are amazing! And her curves are divine. I love her hairstyle in the black dress. The green dress is classic and plays so well to the red lips I just don’t like the bangs – I think they’re too square.”

Coco Rocha


Yes, gals! A jumpsuit! And in a groovy Mod print? We’ll take them in every color. Imagine it with a turban! And chunky 40′s heels circa Carmen Miranda? Imagination in fashion, dears! Let’s see what you dames thought.

Marissa Sell-Brunson: “Gorgeousness!”

Lola Beth Helms: “She is the only one who could pull that off!”

Karen Cortez: “I’m gonna say drab. The print reminds me of Christmas wrapping paper.”

Well there you have it, gals! Another week and another makeup counter full of opinions! We’re glad to see you are still keeping your nails and wit sharp! Join us as we discuss the fabbest and drabbest looks on Facebook daily!

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