August 14, 2013

UV Icon: Christina Hendricks

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There are few women in this world more divine than the stunningly incomparable Christina Hendricks, gals. Whether the stunning red head is making waves as Joan Holloway on the award winning “Mad Men” or sustaining a fabulous sense of personal style, Ms. Hendricks is an inspiration to hourglass-shaped dames everywhere!



From the very first moment she sashayed her way onto the screen in “Mad Men,” we knew we had perhaps found our spirit animal in Ms. Hendricks. The fabulous Joan Holloway-Harris is not only a style icon in her own right, but by far one of the sassiest and well-written characters on modern day television. From her razor sharp wit, to her beyond stunning wardrobe, Joan is a constant topic of conversation here around the office. Emulating Ms. Holloway is simply part of our daily routine. Did we all run out and buy gold pen necklaces? You bet we did.


From her brazen red hair to her buxom physique, Christina is not only a pillar of femininity, but perhaps a new example of what a leading lady in Hollywood can resemble. Perhaps she pulls at our Marilyn Monroe heartstrings, or maybe it’s the fabulous clothes, but we believe that the latest resurgence in body-conscious dressing owes a lot to the divine Ms. Hendricks. We celebrate any woman who is at home in her body- and in Ms. Henricks’ case, she is living in a pristine mansion.

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS at Promo Shoot for Mad Men Season 5

Here at UV, we applaud any dame who is proud to be herself- and intends on looking divine while doing it. Christina and Joan embody the type of self confidence we hope to help our darlings achieve on a daily basis. And when in doubt, ask yourself the simple question, “What Would Joan Do?”

So three cheers to the flawless, Christina Hendricks- a true UV Icon!

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