October 14, 2013

How to Pose Like a Pin Up: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Pin Up Pose

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If you’re in love with the retro glam of classic pin up photography but think creating that perfect pin up photo shoot is only for professional models, take notes! All it takes is a few simple tips and tricks and you’ll be on your way to snapping gorgeous cheesecake pics in no time! Let us show you the way with a few gorgeous photos from our friend and pin up photographer extraordinaire, Mitzi Valenzuela of Mitzi & Co Photography.



Laying on Back with Legs Up

Perfect for flaunting your legs and cleavage, this pose is particularly flattering if you’re not too keen on showing your tummy. This classic pin up pose features the model laying on her back, with legs up and crossed, and arms resting above her head. Lay on your back with your back slightly arched, and legs in the air this is a great way to hide any troublesome areas, while showcasing your cleavage. Pin up photography is all about highlighting your best assets!
Retro Pin Up Poses


The “S” Curve

To accentuate your amazing hourglass figure, simply stand with your feet close together and the majority of your weight resting on one foot. Keep one knee slightly bent and pop your hip to one side to create a gorgeous curved shape. Simple, easy, and absolutely fabulous!
Retro Pin Up Poses



The “L” Shape

For a cute and playful look, stand with your legs close together and hinge forward from the hips, anywhere from a 45 degree angle to a 90 degree angle to create a “L” shape. This pose is fabulous for showcasing your stunningly long legs or your décolletage. Add an extra touch of va-va-voom by slightly kicking up one leg from the knee. Hello, mama!
Retro Pin Up Poses


Over the Shoulder

Another classic pose features the model with her back to the camera looking over her shoulder. This fun, kittenish pose is all about showing off your legs and backside. Simply stand with legs together and gently pop your hip to one side. Place your hands either at your hips or above your head for the extra oomph of pin up attitude. Then, simply turn your head over your shoulder and give the camera a “come hither” smile. Voila! You’re a fabulous pin up model!

Retro Pin Up Poses



Need a handy pose cheat sheet? Print out this Classic Pin Up Poses mini poster and take it with you to  your next shoot! Or pin it up next to your vanity for a little extra daily pin up inspiration in the morning:



And don’t forget! While remembering these classic poses will help you get started, pin up photography is all in the face! It’s about personality and facial expressions. What look are you going for? Is it a smoldering vamp? Sweet and playful? Or cheeky and naughty? Take some time in front of a mirror and see what expressions work best for you. Expressions that feel most natural and comfortable will really radiate on camera, while a practiced fake smile can make the shoot seem stifled and awkward. But most importantly, make sure to have fun and let your inner pin up shine through!

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