December 12, 2011

Miss December Unique Vintage Pinup Girl

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Name: Elisa Keane                  

From: Des Plaines, Illinois

Bio: I grew up in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb not far from Chicago. My parents got divorced when I was 8, but both raised me equally with love and support.  It was interesting being raised by them separately because they both contributed valuable wisdom and shared their own life lessons. I always felt a little “lost” as a teen, trying to discover my true self. I hung with different crowds, all of which impacted me in opposite directions.

I met my true love in high school without realizing it at first. James, my now husband, led me in the right direction. We never dated in high school but just knowing him was an awakening towards looking at life differently. We kept in touch throughout my college years and basically grew up together. We learned from each other and found strength and love. We recently got married on October 29th, 2011 and the wedding was a perfect reflection of our personalities and love. I found my true self through him.

I attended three different colleges all shooting for a degree in graphic design. My love for music and art gave me hope to eventually work for a music label one day, creating artwork for albums, magazines and posters. At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had to drop out of school during this time because the illness basically took over for some time and I needed to regroup and breath in this new challenge in my life. Today, I have it under control and I’m on medication that slows the progression of the disease. Honestly, I feel so good that I barely think about it. I’m a huge believer of mind over matter and I never focus on my M.S.  I currently work for Starbucks Coffee Company as a supervisor. This corporation offers me wonderful health benefits which I highly appreciate considering my situation.

I was always interested in modeling and admired the 1940’s pin up style. A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to be in a shoot with her, so I felt like this was my chance to experience something intriguing. I fell in love with this art form and being the subject was something I never saw myself actually diving into. I’m so glad I did though because it changed me. It became an outstanding dream to pursue.

Ambitions: It has been quite some time since I’ve been in college and since then I’ve imagined, many times, what I want the rest of my life to look like.  I have a grasp on my interests but haven’t exactly decided what I want to be when I grow up! I think the biggest problem for me is that I have too many fantasies about certain things that I could potentially see myself doing that would make me satisfied and happy. I have an amazing love for music, art, antiques, fashion and oddly, organization. I would love to try and incorporate all of these aspects into my life. The fun part is trying to get there…

 Favorite Vintage Accessory: I must admit I have many, but the most meaningful vintage accessory that I own is my grandmother’s ring. It actually is my engagement ring and getting proposed to with her ring meant more than any other ordinary diamond. By far, this is my favorite accessory.

Favorite Pinup Icon: Bettie Page, of course! She was such a beautiful woman who had many struggles in her life but has been an inspirational icon to many, even in today’s society. I’m a big fan of her signature bangs.

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