January 18, 2012

Miss January Unique Vintage Pinup Girl

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Name:  Sarah Harley

From:  Wilmington, Delaware

Bio:  From a young age, I always knew I was weird. This is not a statement that is a cry for pity, but more of a statement of rejoice. When I was younger, I did not think of this as a positive thing in my life because of the lack of friends and invites to Lisa Frank parties. However, I was able to figure out who I was and be proud of the woman I was becoming. So without further ado, I am going to attempt to tell everyone a bit about myself:

hroughout my nineteen years of weirdness, I have accomplished a shocking amount of wonderful deeds. I am a volunteer, drummer,  horse back rider, student,  scuba diver, world traveler, model, and a lover for all things Saturday Night Live. I have also been blessed with the most incredible family a girl could ever ask for. My mother, who I believe is secretly an angel, has been with me through everything and loves me, as I love her, unconditionally. With everything I do, I just want to make my mommy proud. I know she will probably read this and think “I am proud of her all the time,” but I still want to accomplish even more wonderful things so she can continue to say with pride, “That’s my baby!”

Currently, I am in my sophomore year at LaSalle University as a Mass Media Communications major with a minor in Leadership and Global Understanding. In the beginning of the semester, I started LaSalle’s first Equestrian team and continue to ride every Tuesday with an awesome group of girls. I also started volunteering with the Writing Matters program, which is a program designed to allow students to raise their voice through the power of creative writing. In February, I plan to go to India and Nepal with my history class to volunteer in various locations to help the locals, and also to learn about their culture. I am also one of the main writers for LaSalle’s Q&A game show and hope to soon be one of their hosts! Overall, as you can tell, from being weird I am able to call myself a very lucky nineteen-year-old who has already accomplished many of her ambitions. I hope to show the world that just because I am young does not mean I am not mighty. Through my passion and love, I will succeed!

Ambitions: Within the near future, I plan to continue riding my horse, judge, as well as study abroad in either South Africa or Australia. I hope to also graduate from LaSalle with honors and attend graduate school. Between graduation and graduate school, I plan on participating in roller derby and continuing to travel the world! My ultimate goal is to gain a job (or even an internship) with either NBC, National Geographic, or WMMR! Also, I hope to continue to be published more with my modeling and hopefully see a live recording of Saturday Night Live! Overall, my main ambition is to continue being happy and most of all to make my mom proud!

Favorite Vintage Accessory:  No pin-up is complete without the perfect string of pearls!

Favorite Pinup Icon:  Marilyn Monroe! She is definitely the reason why I am so interested in pin-up and why my hair is blonde! Her role in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes just amazed me and made me want to learn more about her as a person and as an actress.

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