March 20, 2012

Miss March Unique Vintage Pinup Girl, Ashleeta Beauchamp

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Name: Ashleeta Beauchamp           

From: Westwood, CA

Bio: I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area since I was born and everyday I’m grateful to live in such a beautiful and historically glamorous area. I’ve also always had a soft spot for vintage fashion and culture in Los Angeles. I was raised listening to jazz music with my dad and watching all those glamorous old Hollywood movies with my mother. Eventually it crossed over from just my taste in music, movies and burlesque to my taste in clothing and soon became somewhat of a lifestyle for me!

When I reached high school, I began using the opportunity of homecoming and prom to wear the vintage formal dresses I had found on shopping trips with my mom. And when I hit my last two years of college, I became really interested in more than being a burlesque enthusiast. I wanted to actually try my hand at being on stage! After a couple a shaky auditions, I was accepted into the Brazen Booties Burlesque Troop and became part of a group of amazing girls that I’m proud to call my family. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to tangle myself into this crazy rhinestoned world of pinup and burlesque as well as manage to meet some of the most amazing and talented people in my lifetime, but I’m so happy and thankful to have experienced so many things so soon in life. Being chosen as Miss March for Unique Vintage is really just the cherry on top. Thank you so much!

Ambitions: I have several ambitions and goals I’ve set out for myself in life. I’m an art history major and I plan on going back to graduate school to get my PhD. I’d really love to be able to use these credentials to open up my own art gallery and house some of the work of my favorite up and coming artists in the area. Another goal of mine or rather a fantasy would be to continue to work as a pinup model and even more so, to have the ability to burlesque dance for a living. Right now it’s more of a moonlighting job, but I really love it and its something I have so much passion for. The ability to express myself so creatively (and with so much glitter ;) has brought a lot of joy into my life.

Favorite Vintage Accessory: My favorite vintage accessory I have in my collection is a black felt tilt hat with bows I found at the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica. It goes with pretty much everything and whenever I’m feeling like my outfit is missing something, I always put it on to complete the look. I pretty much bring it everywhere with me just in case;).

Favorite Pinup Icon: Josephine Baker

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